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  1. Wether in the virtual world, or the real world- People are jerks. you need to get over it and stop whining. as mentioned above, if you're a little too sensitive for a few bad words, I suggest using the 'mute' button on the Online lobby screen. If you feel that you're entitled to random people on the internet giving you the respect you so obviously deserve, maybe you should disconnect all your online devices. I am deeply scared for a world where over sensitive people cry to the authorities about what a random jerk said/did to them on an online racing game. Or, Maybe you can just get your Mum
  2. I seem to recall that this happens in real life too. The pit entry in Silverstone is taken at a faster approach then the last two corners, and the finish line is quite early on the straight, causing an effective 'shortening' of the track when making a pit entry. I dare say the advantage is negated somewhat on the actual pit exit though. Hope this helps, happy racing
  3. I'm in the same boat as OP. I've bought all the previous titles and just feel this game is just too little, too late. Reading other posts, I'm shocked to see the same problems as the previous titles back with a vengeance, I've also had enough with the CM mantra of 'accessibility' over good quality racing titles. Can't they see they're alienating there loyal fanbase in the hopes of a few casual sales? With the likes of Project Cars on new Gen just around the corner, I don't really feel I can justify the price on the now out-dated hardware. I'll hold my breathe and wait for F1 '15 on the 
  4. God I wish some people followed half these examples. My personal pet peeve is being rammed off the track by someone in front of you having made a mistake and taking you out as a result of wanting to get straight back on the racing line. Or,  people who arent willing to seed first to a much faster driver, and rather ruin both racers efforts for a few measly xp points or credits. I mean the credit/xp difference is a lot less  between 1st and 2nd then say, 1st and last. /rant
  5. Understatement of the year award goes to.......... Katoh74!!!! :-)
  6. I know mate, see the above post by Bob442. You're impact ratings have ceased to change in public lobbies, but can be 'reset' by clean racing in a custom cup with collisions and damage set to 'on'. The only problem is anybody from say France for example can 'boost' their impact rating to white, and can go on a smashing spree in the public lobbies without anybody having any warning to his actual dirty driving form. Personally I'd like the idea of impact ratings only being able to get worse in public lobbies, i.e. after a few dirty races, the other players can see a racers' orange impact rating,
  7. I can confirm this is the case. Private lobby with collisions on will refresh the impact rating
  8. Has anybody noticed that after installing a previously corrupted save  after the patch, that all the impact ratings are now static?
  9. I have to agree mate, the audio is a bit slack. I mostly race using wireless headphones (to drown out the kids), and the sound goes from ok, to muffled at regular intervals. Go home EA employee, you're drunk.
  10. I know this is probably a little off topic, but I think it's worth mentioning, I absolutely love using the bonnet cam in traffic and spotting the next corner apex through the car in fronts rear windscreen, so Kudos on the bonnet cam CM. @P308R I didn't want to quote your whole post, and waste precious scroll time on another set of them fantastic photo's, but WOW! All off those images bring back some great memories of long days past spent racing! Cheers
  11. My only complaint is the time and resources obviously wasted on Grid 2. If this was the direction CM had taken form the get go, it would have been an almost perfect game. I just sigh when I think of the wasted potential.   This is probably one of my pet peeves with racing online ATM. I cant stand it when your following a guy at a safe distance, waiting for him to make a mistake so you can strike, and he goes wide or other wise stuffs up, you take the racing line, and he jerks back onto the track, ramming you. And as if that's not enough, most of the guys who seem to do this hav
  12. I'm comparing speed races with speed races, I've barley touched the drifting in GAS yet, spending most off my time in touring and open wheelers. I think you're right with repair costs being extrapolated from tuning levels, eg the more suped up the car, the more it costs in upkeep. Like I said before, maybe it's differnece in platforms that's responsible, as Loore deems it important enough to 'look into it'. When I get the time I'll try and get some details from my cat C TC, like odometer, upgrade level and overall damage cost percentages from a 'typical' race.
  13. I wouldn't call myself a troll, but I'm not having this problem. I see the cars income diminish as I put on the miles, but am obviously not suffering it to the extent of you guys. That being said, maybe it's a difference in platforms (I'm on PS3), and a bit off a misunderstanding. The fact that @Loore says its something CM are looking into, proves to me I might be the anomaly here. Apologies...888888DDDDD......
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