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  1. sfcpaulo

    Cars grip after patch?

    Not being sure about something and believing something are not the same thing no matter how you try to spin it. Only after I test and confirm my thoughts will I believe it. Dont put words into my mouth by twisting stuff I wrote to suit YOUR narrative.
  2. sfcpaulo

    Cars grip after patch?

    J89 isnt trolling, give him a break. Yeah, some/most? dont feel any change and that is great for you... but some people like myself absolutely have and its 100% not imaginary. Its being talked about on the Steam forums and other places. Again.. some experiencing it, some not but just because it isnt affecting you doesnt mean its not being experienced by others. I play with 270 deg of rotation so maybe thats why it jumps out at me? First fifty yards into the very first stage after patching the game, I was like oh... the steering settings must have been reset or I need a recalibration. I went into settings and it was exactly as before the patch. and recalibration did nothing. It feels like I'm running a fair amount of negative steering linearity despite it being zero. Gonna have a play with the settings later to see if I can work it out.
  3. sfcpaulo

    Stratos rear wheels.

    Yes, definately... even if you removed the tarmac arches the rear wheel track is too narrow.
  4. sfcpaulo

    Cars grip after patch?

    No, I'm on PC.
  5. sfcpaulo

    Cars grip after patch?

    My theory- They messed with soft lock so I'm thinking that in trying to fix it they have screwed up my steering linearity settings, more sensitive near the centre and less sensitive the closer you go to full lock. This might also explain why not everyone is feeling it, different wheels? G25 user here..
  6. sfcpaulo

    Cars grip after patch?

    PC user here. Big handling difference for the worse for me too. More responsive on the straight but really noticeably worse at big slip angles in the S4 and mk2 so far. The LSD doesnt seem to lock and drive the car forward when it should, you try to hold it in opposite lock and give it full beans it just spins out now with the front being too unresponsive. I hate it! I'm pol.hope and at or close to the top of the leaderboards for my fav NZ stages in Grp B (S4) and H2 (mk2) so I'm not just your average player and I'm definately not imagining it. Something has changed. What have they done?