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  1. warpengage

    DiRTy Gossip

    @PJTierney Patch notes today or next week with the update?
  2. warpengage

    DiRTy Gossip

    Does anyone know if we're still expecting an update to the Skoda Fabia WRC's engine sound?
  3. You really like hyperbole, don't you? And cool it with the tone as I wasn't being rude to you. It's not military software, but it's also not open-source. Any company that develops closed-source software will do their best to protect their work and, most certainly, will avoid giving away details about their proprietary technology in a space like a public forum. Common sense. Also, if everyone could easily figure out how everything works in a game, just by buying and looking through it, makes me wonder why do they even bother encrypting their files. How do you know that there are countless things that could be done, in their specific case? Have you been there trying to diagnose the problem yourself? Subjective. To me, the fog is acceptable. Probably because they'd done what they could within an acceptable time frame. They did show screenshots. They may not have shown the fog but, when you are trying to sell a product, you show it in the best light. Like it or not, it's Advertising 101 for any business. It's also worth noting, on this point, that video showcasing the fog was out prior to the DLC's release. So you can't say there wasn't media available to show you those conditions. That is probably one of those too technical explanations. I don't know how, you don't know how. We'd have to see how things work internally to understand the decision. Possibly because they spent those two months trying to figure out a way to make Finland work, without the fog, thus avoiding the need to give that response. Unfortunately is wasn't possible to do better. If they had, straight-up, said they couldn't do anything, they'd probably get criticized for not even trying and they would be hit with backlash anyway, not from you but others. They can't win. Again, subjective. Some players indeed. Not that many to be fair. Counting those involved in this thread, and the "How to avoid Finland" thread, you have about 10-12 posters. Not that high of a number to be of concern.
  4. They've given the reason now: performance optimisation. That's all they can tell you, as any more explanation would require showing code for a proprietary engine, which is a no-no in the competitive game-development industry. EDIT: And even if they explained more, without showing code directly, the details of how things needed to be optimised in a certain way could certainly give clues to as to how their tech works.
  5. While I understand the frustration behind a feature not working the way we like it, too many folks always say "That's not how it should be done, it should be done this way", "it's an easy fix", "it's lazy", etc etc. Truth is, though, without the source code in front of you and you actually coming face-to-face with the challenges they are trying overcome at Codemasters, you can't know if it's lazy, if it's an easy fix or if there is a better way to do things. Maybe they've tried your ideas for a better way and it wasn't enough. Maybe it could be done another way but it's infeasible, at this point, to do it because the code rewrite would be too extensive and planning can't foresee everything. We, viewing things from the outside, often have superficial views of issues. I remember a friend being asked why a button on a webpage wasn't just a little bit more to the left side of the page. All he said he could think of, in his mind, was: "If you knew how much of a pain in the butt it was to get that to where it is right now, you'd know why."
  6. Noice! Glad to see rain coming to Finland.
  7. warpengage

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    In the new upcoming content, I'd like to see, at least, the new Ford Fiesta R2 and R5. Also, the Hyundai R5 would be nice, if it could return.
  8. warpengage

    Something is coming...

  9. warpengage

    Something is coming...

    If the spec itself is what is licensed, then the 2L WRC are already going to get CM in trouble, since they are all World Rally Cars. The details of restrictor size, engine capacity etc are just variants of the same concept. I don't think early 1.6 cars should be an issue if they are obsolete. Unless, of course, the WRC Promoter thinks DR2.0 is better than their own licensed game and are trying to destroy competition through licensing hurdles. CM gets around it by giving different names to stages and calling the cars 'Rally'. Though I wonder how things are going to work, from 2022 onward, when the main class becomes Rally1. As for public roads, they're just that: public, hence of public domain. What WRC can own is the right to call it 'El Condor', for example. But CM can call that road whatever else they want, like 'Camino del montón de piedras', for example. I want Ireland because of the flowing, narrow, up-and-down tarmac stages with beautiful views of the sea. I want Kenya because of Safari rally goodness. I want Japan, but not gravel, tarmac Japan. Something about attacking those twists and turns of japanese mountain roads would be awesome. Also, you would finally have a proper reason to bring out the eurobeat. And I would love the Azores, but that's more of a personal bias because it's my home event. Still very beautiful and challenging.
  10. warpengage

    Something is coming...

    There was a problem in DiRT Rally because, when the game came out, late 2015 (PC) and April 2016 (consoles), those cars were still running as the top-tier of the WRC, as the new regulations only came into effect the following year. In said following year, 2017, we saw DiRT 4 which, again avoided 1.6L WRCs for a good reason. Although the new class was in effect, there was still a championship for those competing in older cars (it was called the WRC Trophy), and even manufacturers would occasionally enter an older model in competition. Not to mention privateer regulars competing for that championship. Now, the WRC Trophy is no more, only privateers drive older gen WRCs and they are not allowed to score points for any WRC Championship. They're given less priority than the WRC-2 Pro and WRC-2 Am (where most serious privateers, on a world level, now compete) in the starting order. Where is the reason for blocking cars that are, essentially, national championship-only runners now? Also, for the record, the Citroen C4 was unavailable due to licensing in DiRT 4 as well. It did come back now. Not saying we will get 1.6L cars, but I think the WRC Promoter stepping in will not be the reason this time.
  11. warpengage

    DiRTy Gossip

    I wonder how many of those voters are picking Crash because it's a Crash game rather than because it's a great racer.
  12. warpengage

    DiRTy Gossip

    Yeah but limiting it to McRae only is well... limited. New rally content in general is welcome. Besides, the McRae family name is no longer a part of the series (I believe on their request actually), so it's a more general rally game.
  13. warpengage

    DiRTy Gossip

    I want that... and the Xsara WRC, even if Mcrae didn't particularly like it. And an Up To 1600cc class with the early 1.6 WRCars, before they got beefed up. Considering they've pretty much evaporated from mainstream WRC competition, except maybe 1 or 2 privateers every now and then, Codemasters should be okay with them. Just give them the 'Rally' name to avoid those scary three letters.
  14. warpengage

    DiRTy Gossip

    It's obviously DiRT Rally 2.0 2.0. You know, when a sequel is so good it has its own line of sequels.
  15. warpengage

    DiRTy Gossip

    Judging by @PJTierney 's laughing reactions, I'd say it's because he knows our DLC dreams will come crashing down and he can start getting the popcorn ready...