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  1. I'm having the exact same problem, the game is lagging when looking around and my framerate is fine. Platform: Steam VR/Open VR HMD: Rift CV1 PC: GTX 1080, R5 3600, 16gb RAM Deluxe User Connected: Fanatec Csl Elite Wheel and Pedals, Logitech Shifter.
  2. Too late to refund, stuck with VR version and terrible performance. Getting a Oculus key would be nice, but i'm not expecting anything nice coming from Codemasters after this shady VR move.
  3. Is DiRT Rally 2.0 the same on Steam and Oculus? The Oculus release is a separate version of the game and is not included with purchase of the Steam version. The Oculus version provides native support to Oculus devices through the Oculus SDK. Will the Steam version eventually provide native support through the Oculus SDK? Maybe with a update? I guess we should know that at least, is it planned?
  4. How can this be a hit or miss? We paid for the game, we should get the very best performance available! What you are telling me is that we MAY get a good performance using oculus rift and steam version, how shady is that? If we already paid for deluxe edition a long time ago and get a bad performance with steam version, what should we do? Buy it again on Oculus and pay twice just to get a better performance? We want solutions, not a command line that MAYBE works for some...
  5. After all, do we know if the the command -vrmode Oculus gets the same performance as the Oculus Store version? For me it works fine using the command, but I don't have the Oculus Store version to compare.