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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Thankyou for that.
  2. mrsnipey

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere. I looked but couldn't find it. I love this game but since Pikes Peak came out I am getting quite frustrated at having to change my gear settings between rally and hill climb. I drive manual h-pattern in Rally and manual sequential in Hill Climb. Can't you just put this option in the menus at the start of each race? I hate that I have to leave the championship and go and edit my profile to change the gear settings. The only other negative thing I have is that when the stage time difference pops up, and mine is usually red :), can you please not put it right in the middle of the track ahead. Can you put it off to the side somewhat so it doesn't distract me. I've turned HUD off entirely because this annoyed me so much. Apart from the above items I looooovvveee this game. Thanks.