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  1. I found: DiRT 3 GFWL Problems FAQ http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/207/dirt-3-gfwl-problems-faq So, I'll just wait until that's sorted. Good to know they're on the case. My issue now is that I cannot play Showdown online multiplayer at Steam. In fact, I've never been able to. What's up with that? What do I do? What's really weird is that I was able to play Dirt 3 Multiplayer last night on Steam but, I still can't play multiplayer Showdown.
  2. ^ Thanks for that! Will it all just be in an update? So, no need to worry about anything on my end, as you mentioned?
  3. Am I missing the section at the forum for Dirt Showdown? I have all the Dirt games on Steam and I love the demolition derby parts of Showdown and hope for new maps with more derbies in the near future ... what are the chances of that? Or, a new derby game? Anyway, I've struggled to play online with Windows LIVE and now that it's shutting down in July, I wondered what's the best way for me to play multiplayer online at Steam? When I get into my Dirt games it automatically pulls up Windows LIVE so, what all do I need to do? Sorry if I missed it somewhere. Games for Windows Live to shut down
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