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  1. MaxSpiltz

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    Reading this interview got me slighty more hyped up : - You can train drivers and staff - You can open facilities (I guess for R&D & training) - You can get multiple sponsors it seems - You can hire drivers from both F1 & F2 (yay !) - There's a mention of media deals ?
  2. Hello everyone, Just a simple question : if I choose the Career Mode without Butler & Weber paths, do transfers still happen ? Thanks for your answers !
  3. I do have a question about those drivers transferts : if I skip the F2 feeder series, will they still happen?
  4. MaxSpiltz

    Career images

    I remember posting a comment on Tom97HD's video where he shared those pictures, asking if they were actually official. He was confirmed by some Codies' members. So... There's that. It doesn't confirm they were intended to be in the game but...
  5. MaxSpiltz


    My first thought when I saw it was the jingle from Overwatch "Play of the Game". Gimmicky but could make the races feel more personal and important.
  6. I think it'll be actual replay files, Codies was already on this path with the photo mode. Or maybe you are right and they'll start with the video only.
  7. As I said in my tweet and as you can see in the fourth pic, it is clearly written that exports of video to PC will be a feature. The only question remaining is : will it be only for highlights or whole race? I think it'll be both. If they created a system to export for a highlight of 2minutes, the same system will apply for a race of 1 hour.