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  1. You can use Reshade too to apply several Sharpen and other filters.
  2. Have you tried forcing AA options in the Nvidia control panel?
  3. You asked. That's why. But I guess that after all that absurdity you still want to have the last word, bordering on the insult on top.
  4. Meanwhile, my modding time is much better spent with Assetto Corsa, a game as old as GRID Autosport that is still kicking all kinds of ass in 2020: 😍 But I guess this is exactly what Codemasters are trying to prevent.
  5. Definitions of your behavior are not Ad Hominems. 😉 You know, being a moderator and all, it is surprising how lacking your reading comprehension is: Then you come up with your stupendous definition of modding: disabling features in the user config file. 🤦‍♂️ And pointing fingers, accusing me of "haven't tried anything" when in fact I was the first one talking about and publishing the contents of that general configuration file in the first page of this very same thread, back in Oct 8. Then you post some modified damage... which has nothing to do with the xml files needed for modding not being open like in previous games, or with any of the graphics issues we've been discussing in this thread. But I guess you have to read the title of the thread to be aware of that: To sum it up, you've been coming up with the most incredible and ridiculous excuses to defend Codemasters: "No Codemasters EGO game that I know of has offered the user with any kind of freedom" ...when at least 6 games had open files and hundreds of mods. "it is to reduce filesizes" ...of some 1 to 50Kb files in a 73GB game. While there are still 133 xml files in the game: "archiving files is the standard all across development teams" ...when there are still 133 xml files in GRID 2019, just not the ones you need to properly modify the game like before. So blatantly clear that all input xml files are still there, open and accessible, just not the effectsetup.xml needed for modding the FFB. So next time check out of your fanboyism bubble and carefully read the threads you post in, at least the first page. ALL of these problems are still present in the game: Now, if you come up with a way to fix/improve any of the issues we've been discussing here and "the Team" haven't fix in the last six months, kudos to you. But I guess that's "my job" 😂 Here is the best mod, that fixes all problems with the game:
  6. Totally. Specially since Mr. smarty pants here didn't even read the thread before starting pointing fingers, discuss semantics, divert from graphics stuff, facts and points made 6 months ago in a desperate try at defending this pile.
  7. "My job" 🤦‍♂️ Tell that to "the Team" champ. About fixing the bugs there since prerelease in their game you're defending so much now... Whatever dude.
  8. This is a graphics thread, that you didn't even read... what are you talking about? Have you fixed any of the problems we've been discussing in this thread and the previous one in the last 6 months that are still present today? Have you fixed any draw distances? shadows? reflections? Trees? LODs? tonemapping? Textures loading over low res ones? Flat lighting? any modified Cameras, lens flares, color balance, tonemap, DoF, motion blur, distortion, bloom, smoke, dust, streaks, ... ? Let us know when you do.
  9. Sure. I'm sure everybody is amazed by such a stunningly awesome improvement... 😂
  10. 🤦‍♂️ Dude, have you even read the thread you are posting in? Specially before pointing any fingers and making any accusations? First page... I'm talking about modding/editing/adjusting/tweaking those effects in the .xml files that were available in the game's folder for each track in previous games (among many other stuff) not just disabling them in the general config file. What have you fixed in this xml file? what sense makes that you can rise shadows resolution when the draw distance is 4 meters ahead of your car and you can see them literally being painted in front of you when you are playing? Maybe you fixed or improved anything by disabling features? 🤔
  11. Quality settings, Cameras, physics, handling, FFB, lens flares, color balance, tonemap, DoF, motion blur, distortion, bloom, smoke, dust, streaks, etc. were open and moddable in at least 6 titles (just that I know of, but sure they were more) Now NOTHING of that can be modified. But I guess the modders are to blame and not Codemasters. It wasn't Codemasters intentions and clear purpose to prevent modding. It was a thing that just "happened naturally", without any purpose, intention or thought put into it. In Happy-Land, in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane! 😂 You can beat around the bush with semantics and cover-up excuses all you want, pal, but those are the facts that anybody can check.
  12. They had to sacrifice their quality in favor of that lushly detailed new vegetation. 🤣
  13. Yeah. We all know what their priorities are now. I didn't mean the car's LOD. You can't fix the horrible shadows draw distance for example: let alone all the rest of visual effects like lens flares, color balance, tonemap, DoF, motion blur, distortion, bloom, smoke, dust, streaks, etc. Or cameras, physics, handling, FFB, ... It's not "two games". All of those things and more were accessible at least it Dirt 2, Dirt 3, Dirt Showdown, Grid, Grid 2, Grid Autosport. And it's no "coincidence" that now they are not. But hey, you can change a tire texture. Great modding support. 😂
  14. Oh, I think they definitely do. They don't want modding fixing, improving and extending the life of their "products", so they can churn out half baked "products" annually or every few years and keep asking for more money from us.