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  1. Go to GRID\ui_package\videos\ and rename these files to .bak: cm_logo.video.erp ftue_intro_cinematic.video.erp intro_01.video.erp cm_logo\cm_logo.bk2 rename all the other "intro" videos there if you like.
  2. Yes, it's called "being a Youtuber with enough subscribers". 😂
  3. Yes, there are dashboard cameras. Very few videos are showing them, but I've seen some from different cars. There is a FOV slider, but no word on position, which should be a standard in 2019.
  4. A Day/Night & Weather system of this quality would be awesome: http://youtu.be/pBEip6goHbY
  5. Will there be modding support like in GRID2?...
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