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  1. As the previous graphics discussion thread was closed because it seems it was too "clogged", I decided to unclog it for everybody's convenience in this long thread: So all the problems and bugs are clearly presented and easy to have as reference in case Codemasters decides to fix them. After seeing the game already on PC Ultra, I can assure first hand that all these issues are still present in the release version. Very noticeable problems with: Trees LODs Shadows Reflections Exposure, Contrast, tonemapping Textures loading over low res ones Pixelated textures on cars Flat lighting Is there going to be a patch on the 11th that's going to fix all these problems?
  2. What I remember is some people constantly trying to shut down the reports, the honest criticism and the discussion, sentencing that "those were prerelease builds, but all will be fixed and fine at release". Game was released and it had all the same problems and bugs we've been detailing since august. Now it's been 2 months since release. 2 patches released already. What has been fixed?
  3. Previous replies in this "old" thread were less than 2 weeks ago. Maybe I missed something. From all the reported bugs and problems since August and compiled in the Twitter thread at the start of this thread... what has been fixed?
  4. Only 1.74% of Steam users play games in 4k (Oct 2019) https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/
  5. jesped

    GRID Modding

    The ERP Archiver compatible with GRID 2019 has just been released at https://ryder25.itch.io/ego-erp-archiver/download/eyJleHBpcmVzIjoxNTcwOTEzMTk5LCJpZCI6ODM0MTR9.K%2bLak%2fIYkoFMZJFqv28uS7BFyT4%3d It allows to extract files from GRID's .erp files.
  6. This was already posted a month ago. Digital Foundry never did an analysis of the final version, but I guess not much changed from this.
  7. Not easy at all to make this high quality comparisions. It really brings out the clear differences between them. I keep noticing how much the camera shake in GRID Autosport adds to the overall feeling of the race. It just feels much more intense, visceral and gritty.
  8. Amazing job as usual. GRID Autosport showing how a proper Eye Adaptation/Automatic Exposure/Tonemapping is done: Just... holy molly.
  9. jesped

    GRID hotfix now live - 21/10/2019

    Does this only have to do with HDR or is this fixing tonemapping for non-HDR too that made the game look so dark sometimes?
  10. jesped

    GRID Modding

    Some cosmetic mods for GRID already available at https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/grid-4.190/
  11. Sure, I'm letting him do it. It is just that is funny that he says somebody else is "getting weird" while he is "disagreeing" with something that is not an opinion, so it is not disagreeable in itself. That's weird.
  12. Said the guy who "disagrees" with a neutral comparision video that doesn't state any opinion at all in itself. 😂
  13. Another test. Reflections on the car cristal are totally fudged up too.
  14. Game has better performance in DX11 than DX12 btw.
  15. Mate... GRID is supposed to be "simcade" too. Are you trying to exclude any possible competition so there's an exclusive category for GRID itself where it is the best among nobody else? Forza Horizon 3 & 4 and NFS's are very comparable to GRID, even if they are Open World (which should make them more limited, but doesnt). "lol" This is a thread for discussing graphics, pal. Gameplay is way more subjective and debatable and it should require a whole different thread even more complex than this one, listing all sorts of details and subtleties. But regarding visuals, Driveclub, a 5 years old game, is way way superior to GRID. It looks like a whole generation superior. Same for NFS 2015, a 4 years old game that looks a whole generation superior to GRID too. Of course both Forza Horizon 3 and 4. Those on the more arcade side, even though people tend to ignore that Driveclub added a "Hardcore Handling" option that, along with setting all assists off made the game much more "simcade" and hard as hell. On the more simcade side, Forza, GT Sport and Project CARS 2 with all assists on 😄 and difficulty and AI aggresiveness matched to your liking. And F1 2018, F1 2019 and olders, whichever category you like them put in, look much better than GRID. GRID is a game that being in the middle of a lot of its competitors, totally fails to do better than any of them in every aspect. Being a closed track game instead of Open World, it doesn' feature any dynamic ToD day-to-night or dynamic weather like most of the mentioned above do. Far from bringing any innovative tech or features, it goes back to obsolete solutions like fake reflections or a bad TAA implementation with far too visible problems. The best looking thing in GRID are the cars, but it's not like they look any better than in any of the other games.
  16. It's a comparision between what GRID has and what one of its competitors on the market has. Not saying I would never like GRID if it doesn't have all that. It just shows how short it is in every possible aspect. But what is most important, comparing to how great Race Driver GRID was for a 2008 game, and how very good GRID Autosport was for a 2014 game. GRID is nothing great or good for a 2019 game, it is mediocre / mildly decent at best, overall. After 5 years, I expected a quality proud succesor to Race Driver GRID and GRID Autosport. This isn't it.
  17. It's not about "the spectrum", unless you are referring to the quality and variety spectrum, that is. I'm not criticizing GRID for not being a sim, but for ALL the rest already said. I loved Race Driver GRID, GRID Autosport and even GRID 2 with some modding, it's not at all a problem of GRID being too arcade for me. Love arcades too, even NFS.
  18. I went back to Project CARS 2 these days, a game that is already 2 years old, and the difference is abysmal. Everything is configurable/customizable, all sorts of performance options, effects, post, camera's behavior... to the point you can even edit the FFB files. Dynamic full day-to-night cycle, seasons that affect even trees and vegetation on the tracks, dynamic weather with a miriad of different weather conditions, all grades of rain, storms, thunderstorms, mist, snow, real reflections on the tracks, cars lights generate shadows even from other cars, 60 TRACKS, 182 CARS, VR, ... 600+ mods... And this is not a powerhouse with a big budget like some always say when comparing to GT Sport or Forzas. But hey, they don't have Fernando Alonso's sticker on it, so I guess GRID wins. 😄
  19. Here's a whoooole forest. 😂 And this is just about graphics. Game has half the content of Autosport. No drift, no demolition derby... plenty of people out there saying Multiplayer is horrible. That they are bored to death after 4-5 hours... but you can cherry-pick a handful of good/mediocre images from PC Ultra 4K with a $1000 GPU, so everything is ok. 🤔
  20. For some reason it is not compatible with my projector's HDR. Even if I force it in the .xml config file, once the game starts it disables it automatically. There are other weird problems with GRID video settings too, like it stupidly trying to force the game to start in the secondary monitor when nothing was changed. Or resetting the resolution to a different setting that you chose... these are problems that old Codemasters titles had and were fixed. Now they are back again in 2019. Great. 🤦‍♂️
  21. I really didn't know this game existed at all until you told me about it. 😂 I think they used the PC version for this comparision video. Is it 30fps or 60fps on consoles? BTW, the dots pattern of the motion blur look good in motion. Makes it look much smoother than GRID's. Trees and sky, among other elements, look much better too.