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  1. TurboJanne

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    There should be the option of having different player accounts on a single computer - my wife likes playing this game and I'm sure many people are playing with their kids etc.
  2. TurboJanne

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I'm a long time rally fand and a sim racer, and I'm very happy to finally see a serious effort of a rally sim. I hope Dirt Rally will continue in the same direction and stay pure of all non-rally stuff that drove this series astray in the past. Here are my notions of the game so far: 1. Cars are modeled beautifully and their handling/power characteristics are individual like they should 2. The sounds are AMAZING. I love how the cars really sound like the real thing, including the Quattro's   5-pot and the Subaru Boxer. 3. Overall grip is a heated debate - my solution: Add an in-game option for players to choose between low and high grip (as can be set in the xml files currently). You can this way satisfy both groups of people, those who want more slippery handling and those who find it OK as it is. 4. Course design is very nice - but let's have in the future more fast, flowing gravel roads, where you can hold higher overall speeds. In WRC, there are several rallies where the top cars reach 200 km/h on the straights - this should be possible on some rallies in Dirt Rally too. 5. I like the grinding aspect, that you get to upgrade your car as time goes by - but it could be more advanced - you could unlock different parts, buy them with credits etc, make it more "authentic" so to speak. In addition, and this is important: The cars should show ACTUAL hp and weight in the specs, and you should be told by how much your upgrade will increase HP. It doesn't make sense you have to guess how much power your non-upgraded car has. 6. One way of upgrading cars would be developing them into the "next year" or "evolution" spec; for example, you would have a group 4 Audi Quattro, you would then upgrade it into Group B Sport Quattro, which you would then upgrade into Sport Quattro S1. The Delta integrale into Intergrale 16V and then into Integrale Evoluzione. And so forth. 7.For custom events, I would like to see selectable time of day and weather - so you could set them like you want for specific needs. Random weather could be another option. 8.About car handling - I find it currently that you have to work too hard to make the FWD and 4WD cars slide (controllably). Even RWD cars sometimes feel like having too much grip in the rear. In real life, you could easily power slide a group B car on dry tarmac by throttle alone.  ***edit*** this refers mostly to tarmac surface; I find that on gravel, powersliding is much more like it is in real life; lift-off oversteer and scandinavian flicks work. Gravel feels almost ready for release, tarmac needs overworking, but it's not very far off. 9.Mouse support. Should be easy to do, and would very much improve handling the menus and options.