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    DiRT Rally Championship Round 1 - Forest Rally

    Stage One: 2:22.091 https://www.flickr.com/photos/86979316@N07/14127714433/Stage Two: 2:26.523 https://www.flickr.com/photos/86979316@N07/13921034840/Stage Three: 2:38.592 https://www.flickr.com/photos/86979316@N07/14104416271/ @North3rnstar I don't know what times you are talking about. Since you have not posted anything yet. So far I am leading now.  And for the cheats, yes something should be done. 
  2. Andy1814

    DiRT Rally Championship

    How many, where, and what time is it on which stage? 
  3. Andy1814

    DiRT Rally Championship

    You guys are so fancy haha! I am just wondering do any of you guys have WRs?
  4. Andy1814

    DiRT Rally Championship

    I nominate Wundanyi Climb, Ahlojarvi, those are pretty fun stages. 
  5. I have 59 WRs in DiRT 3 on the PS3, and only about 4 of them are in first. All of the rest are in second. Because a guy called STD-RS-DIRT74-FR uses auto-steer and stability control + extreme cuts!  Extremely annoying!! 
  6. Andy1814

    DiRT Rally Championship

    I think I can compete.  Name: AndyTeam Name: 1814RacingMembers: Just me.Platform: PS3. Ready to compete. When do the stages start? And will Rally be separate from HillClimb? Cheers.