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  1. There is no conection between car and so wide enough stage....  Give and opinion without testing is complicated, first impression for me is not good... Dirt Rally is more complex, and randomly things if we take a look on the stages.
  2. Ummmnnnn... Colin's Crest could be a great detail!!!
  3. Yes, and it is near Baumholder too... Thanks Codies for this accuracy... who said that is so WIDE? and much ARCADE?  :D 
  4. Sliding German Tarmac  :D :D :D In a fast taste of two stages with the 306 and Lancia 037 that was I felt... Slide in every corner.... So much Fun!!!
  5. 12 New German Stages 5 New Cars: - Lancia 037 Evo2 - Opel Kadett 16v - Opel Manta 400 - Seat Ibiza Kit Car - Peugeot 306 Kit Car THANKS!!!
  6. I have a problem with configuration, I can't asign a pedal for clutch... This is mine rig... http://i.imgur.com/4Gi0Cqr.jpg (I have posted it yet in another thread), as you can see, I have a Logitech G27 with other pedals, in this case Fanatec Clubsport Pedals v1.0, well...  When I calibrate my wheel, the game recognizes the wheel and the pedals as a group, and you don't have to asign any button because the game do it for you and you don't have to do anything.... but when this thing happens (in my rig) I don't have clutch, brake and throtle, I have to reasign later in the general conf
  7. I don't see it yet, emotion of the new blind me... Let's may I take a look to the video... Thanks!
  8. So so great news... And when is it arrives? Tomorrow? At the end of the month with Tarmac Terrors Update too? Fiat Abarth 1080º degrees? What we have to do with a wheel that has only 900º degrees? Many questions thown to the air... 
  9. Codemasters must don't copy and paste same as other titles, it can be as a reference, what solutions are in the market for this, but in my opinion, Codemasters have to create other type of control to manage shifters, handbrakes, pedals and wheels and do it better than other games, not copy the same.
  10. That's the news I want to ear. "Invaluable notes" Ouww Yeahhh...! Codies you'd to put your 6th gear on it and flat out for a better FFB. Thanks so much!
  11. What do you know about it? Why will we fall? (Those people how think that will be a RallySim) I hope a diferent game, for ones and others, for people just wana play a pair of stages and for people who wants a hardcore playing and much real and very difficult (as a Sim). A game you can module at your own way to play, from Arcade to Simulation... I hope this, and I want not to fall...
  12. I put it in other thread, but I think this is the correct place as wishlist...: "I Think in the possibility of block gearbox option for wheel users, that means, if you play with a wheel and a gearbox and paddles too (which is very normal nowadays) and if the game recognizes that we are playing with this periferic, automaticaly (with a selection swich in panel options like "Block Gearbox for specific car") make that the user can only use the real gearbox assigned for that concrete car (if we have the swich ON) or free election (if we have the swich OFF)."
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