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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hi there, i´m playin dirt for about 4-5years, since 3 years i use the thrustmaster t500RS with shifter/handbrake from Frex GP. First: FFB need to be overworked, im having all forces to 100% (ingame as in the trustmaster settings) and the only thing that responds is the wheel weight. im missing the drift/jump effects, also the holes and gravel that i drive through. actually there is mostly nothing of the feelings in dirt 2 or 3 to be given in dirt rally. that´s very annyoing because without the ffb effects driving sucks more and more. Second: i´m driving in dirt 2/3 with 540° rotationangle and have no problems , but now even if i´m using 720° it´s much to twichy to hold the car straight or get some clean drifts. i tryed to compense with the linearity...only slightly better. next is, that the grade of beeing twitchy changes with every car/track.....makes it very hard to find some constant values. third: sound needs some overwork too, like speech is much too quiet( having speech to 100% and engine sounds by 50% even makes it hard to understand most of the directions). and why for eg. the 90´s subaru sounds mostly like the lancia delta, although the subaru have boxer engine..... one thing that i found out: forced cam in the group b audi quattro the cam is behind the seat, makes it impossible to see (don´t know wether it is caused by tiple monitor use, didn´t have the problem in another car yet) that´s what i found out since now.... hope u find some fixing for it. otherwise some very great rally simulator u brought us, thanks for that.