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  1. Yeah. The lack of driver number customisation is the exact same as it's always been. That horrible black with a single font. The NASCAR Heat games have the ability to customise this and they've got much less of a budget.
  2. It's been multiple years and you've only just acknowledged it. Wow. Surely, you'd read the rules or watch any race since 2011 or 2012 where lapped cars were allowed to unlap themselves. In 2014, people were complaining the process took too long and it hasn't changed since.
  3. whitmarsh2


    I'd hope so. Considering SMS already has data from Mugello, it wouldn't be as much of an issue compared to adding somewhere like Buriram or Aragon.
  4. More scanned tracks. I know Paul Ricard is scanned in some way. As SMS has come on, they have/had a scan of the Red Bull Ring and COTA off the top of my head for PCARS2. Keep the 2018 and 2019 F2 seasons in F1 2020. Since the car won't change, you'd already have the assets for them and the driver models. Add Formula 3 F3 has been awesome this season and it would be great and adds a new career dynamic. Macau would be ideal as that would be a cup event at the end of the season. Expand Career Mode This links to keeping the former F2 seasons and F3. I'd like i
  5. Yes. He quite clearly pointed out the AI all run the Soft tyre followed by the harder tyre. However, if you watch an actual F2 race, you'll see a number of drivers (usually at the back) trying the alternative strategy. In the game, that doesn't happen which is part of what he has an issue with. His other issue is that the drivers on the Softer tyre only pit on two separate laps whereas you'd see some drivers wanting to go long to avoid this and they had been able to by keeping their tyres in through driving style.
  6. I'd like to see a number of things linked to driver customisation, car customisation and career in general. Customisation Car Ability to change the sponsors on the car. Ability to change the colour of the driver number. Ability to change the driver number font. Ability to customise F2 cars. Real life sponsors Helmet Ability to add manufacturer logos based on the car you're driving. Ability to add logos depending on team or personal sponsors. Career Preseason Allow for development to continue into the next season before Austra
  7. I'd like to see career mode developed even further with the addition of F3. The story element can be started by you racing the final few rounds of the previous season in preparation for the new season. If they continue to have 2 additional characters, they could both be on your F3 team. Then one of them becomes your F2 teammate with the other being on a different team before moving to F1 as is the case on F1 2019. Alternatively, with there seeming to be a relative lack of limitations compared to the past on liveries, I'd like to be able to create my own F3 team. As I would be a new team,
  8. Real life pitstops are seconds faster than any stop.
  9. 1) I see your point but it's always been that way. 2) Not noticed it yet. 3) I have noticed that more than previous years but I am sure you can adjust that. 4) Yes. There should really be more wheelspin under acceleration.
  10. It won't because CM won't know the relative performances of the cars. Also, they said that F1 2015 won't be called F1 2015 so it might be something big.
  11. If you haven't already signed up for the EPSC, I recommend you do! Last season's Division 2 field had a title race that went right down to the wire and there was an 8 point gap and the guy behind won! I almost won the title as I was consistent throughout the season so you can too!
  12. We're looking at a variety of cars and there's a vote on the forums. The vote is between the Mini Miglia, Formula C and Category C Touring Cars.
  13. It would be nice to remove the cones at Indy Oval and the walls on the inside of the track. It caused me to crash and probably a lot more people as well. The grass is enough.
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