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  1. It would. And I'd like to see the stickers on the cars we're seeing this weekend for both Hubert and Correa. On the inclusion of Hubert, it's not up to us to decide. The family should make the decision on that unless somebody asked Hubert that question in an event like that which is probably unlikely.
  2. whitmarsh2

    F2 feature race stragety

    Yes. He quite clearly pointed out the AI all run the Soft tyre followed by the harder tyre. However, if you watch an actual F2 race, you'll see a number of drivers (usually at the back) trying the alternative strategy. In the game, that doesn't happen which is part of what he has an issue with. His other issue is that the drivers on the Softer tyre only pit on two separate laps whereas you'd see some drivers wanting to go long to avoid this and they had been able to by keeping their tyres in through driving style.
  3. whitmarsh2

    Petition on Steam RE: Anthoine Hubert

    The minimum I'd like to see would be having the sticker on all cars that they're running at Monza. Maybe even the Correa sticker as well.
  4. whitmarsh2

    not change the front wing

    Yeah. I've had similar issues in qualifying where it hasn't changed the front wing.
  5. whitmarsh2

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    I don't think the AI not making mistakes is patchable. I think it's down to how the AI are designed to be. The only time their car spins is when they make contact. That's it.
  6. I'm in Season 2 of my Career on the game and at Singapore. Ferrari/Red Bull have fallen to the 7th and 8th fastest cars and Alfa Romeo has the fastest car. I'm currently at Haas and at Singapore, I got knocked out in Q1 and Q1 is accurate to where it should be. The front row is Mercedes, they have the second fastest car so that's possible. However, the next 2 rows are Ferrari and Red Bull lockouts which isn't accurate in any way to my current season. It's only accurate to real life which is what I think the simulation is based on seeing as Ferrari had a front row lockout in Germany and Charles Leclerc got pole position in Monza despite only knocking me out of qualifying by 3 hundreths in Q2. Leclerc then fell back to around 8th at Monza in a 50% race. The best Alfa Romeo is Lukas Weber in 8th and Nico Hulkenberg in 11th without any grid penalties. In spite of this, Lukas Weber had won about 7 races in a row from Monaco to Hungary so the Alfa Romeo is quick in the races. It's frustrating as the grids replicate how it is in real life regardless of how it is at the current stage of the game meaning you have Alfa Romeos charging through the field and Ferraris holding up the pack getting a head start on where the should be.
  7. I'd like to see a number of things linked to driver customisation, car customisation and career in general. Customisation Car Ability to change the sponsors on the car. Ability to change the colour of the driver number. Ability to change the driver number font. Ability to customise F2 cars. Real life sponsors Helmet Ability to add manufacturer logos based on the car you're driving. Ability to add logos depending on team or personal sponsors. Career Preseason Allow for development to continue into the next season before Australia. Practice-program style events giving players the opportunity to earn resource points in the pre-season test at Barcelona. Team Ownership Own your own F3, F2 and F1 team. You have 2 rivals like 2019 and these rivals are your F3 teammates. You choose one rival to be your F2 teammate You choose anybody not signed to a contract to be your F1 teammate. In F1 and F2, your team is an additional team on the grid. Not the case with F3 because 33 cars is a bit excessive. Car Development Every team has the same ceiling. Teams get a certain number of resource points depending on financial aspects such as Prize Money and Team Investment. Teams - I want the teams to actually be something and have an end goal instead of just being a thing that exists with a car model. Each team has various attributes so there is some logic to their development. For example, Racing Point is currently more likely focusing on long-term developments and Toro Rosso is more likely to sign young drivers from F2/F3. Drivers - I want the drivers to have a goal and attributes to make their movements realistic instead of what we have. Each driver has various attributes so they are unique in their driving style. E.g. Hamilton is brilliant on one lap pace and Magnussen and Grosjean are more aggressive defenders. Addition of the current F1 test drivers into the game giving the ability to sign more drivers outside of the current grid. E.g. Esteban Ocon and Sergey Sirotkin Miscellaneous Ability to have your driver name and nationality on your car. Ability to have your driver name, number and nationality on your driver suit. Ability to unlap yourself under Safety Car. Ability to have a SC start in wet conditions.
  8. whitmarsh2

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    It's just not fun anytime it rains. I lose multiple seconds a lap despite being on the correct tyres. I tried dropping my AI level by 4 points but that was nowhere near enough. The career mode is fun. Not having a chance to gamble because the Ai are multiple seconds faster a lap in the wet is not. Before the patch, I felt the AI were slow in the rain. But the difference is less than it is now. Now it just isn't fun. I had no issues on F1 2018 in the wet and could keep pace with the AI. For example, I came out alongside Verstappen after my final pitstop and then proceeded to lose multiple seconds per lap to him. In the dry, I was on pace with him. Wheel or Pad? Logitech G29 Any Assists? Medium TC and ABS AI Level? 102
  9. I'd like to make a request regarding F2 qualifying. I find the only option for this is the 30 minute qualifying. Will it be possible for us to change these to a shorter session length? E.g. 15 minutes
  10. A short description of the problem: I'm at Baku in the second season of my career. The race has started as Light Rain. However, some cars are on the Intermediate tyres and others are on slicks. As it was projected to last the whole race, I wanted to start on Intermediates for the best chance despite being in a Williams. I have tried restarting the race to see if I could change but this didn't work. Platform you’re on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam): PS4 Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): 1.05 Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc): Career What happened in the lead up to the problem?: The race started in conditions where I wanted to change from dry tyres to Intermediates as it was projected to be Light Rain for the whole race and started that way. Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc): Logitech G29
  11. whitmarsh2

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I never said you were lying. I'm just saying I'm experiencing something different. Started at 100 and increased to the mid-100s around mid season.
  12. whitmarsh2

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Well based on my experience, it's not wrong. They don't make big mistakes at all. And I'd say they never have in the F1 series as a whole. The only SCs that have happened for me on previous games have been either me being involved in an incident or the AI having a car failure. At Austria, I had a race where the AI didn't pit for Intermediates in the late stages of the race and were on slicks when I was 5 seconds a lap faster. What I didn't see, as you'd expect which happened at Hockenheim last season, was the AI spinning the rear wheels and either catching it with a fishtail or spinning entirely. In addition to this, I turned Simulation Damage on as well. All I think it changed for the AI was that the damage they get every race would just make them even slower.
  13. whitmarsh2

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I find the same thing. But the other thing I'd say is a factor is that AI mistakes just don't happen. They don't spin, they don't crash. They're just perfect and don't crash. I find it's the same with AI vs AI racing.
  14. whitmarsh2

    Tyre wear scaling in qualifying needs to be removed

    Yeah. I can agree that this is an issue. For those saying it isn't realistic, you're doing a 3 lap run on the tyres in each session. The tyre wear doesn't need to be scaled as it's already scaled correctly for what you're currently doing. This should then be adjusted to be scaled as the race is the only distance that is scaled.
  15. whitmarsh2

    F2 is really sublime

    I feel that it's a bit of a mixed bag. I had a blast driving the F2 car in the scenario at the Red Bull Ring. However, the Sprint Race at Abu Dhabi felt nothing like this and the car just felt horrible.