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  1. I completely agree with this one. Just had a session where I was last car on track in a drying session, P15. It wasn't a faster lap but the other cars pitted. I should have been on slicks as should they. But no. I finish my lap and I'm magically P18.
  2. I do some of that manually for poles, races, fastest laps and wins but it would be nice to see those records in a separate tabs.
  3. On 2, I'd like to see a far better contract system because half-season contracts are the opposite of realistic. Improving the transfer AI so drivers choose their teams more selectively and teams do the same for drivers. On 3, I'd like to give an order to my teammate to not pit if I'm pitting. Yesterday, pitted for a new front wing at Mexico and my teammate lost out a lot because of it.
  4. There are drivers in the game that could be in MyTeam. 2020 drivers like Grosjean, Magnussen, Albon and Kvyat for example. As well as the 2019 F2 drivers which would add drivers like de Vries and Sette Camara.
  5. Yeah. It makes no sense for that to be censored. Even if there were to be a legal challenge, I imagine it to be thrown out because of the commonness of the name. Same as names like Sauber, Mclaren, Ferrari and Haas. On Haas, there was a team owned by Carl Haas who merged with Paul Newman's team to become a big team in America named Newman/Haas which was shut down in 2011.
  6. The AI easily need their Safety Car logic improved. When you see cars pitting 5 laps after a SC at Mexico, thus ruining their races, it's a bit frustrating. The threshold for cars pitting needs to be significantly higher because the teams would never do this in real life as a SC gives clear, relative track position which would be rarely gained from staying out. An issue of the game not giving laps back is the AI putting themselves a lap down as well which ruins their races even further.
  7. His point is that it doesn't always blow smoke without something failing. Intermittent smoke wouldn't be an issue but it smoking for the whole race is the problem.
  8. I don't think it's wanting to follow the racing line. I've got the exact same issue at Austria where it turns right on entering pitlane. I've tried requesting to pit and I've tried a few things to attempt to stop it including: Pausing the game Coming to a near stop Speeding Turning right/left when crossing the line Flashbacks. None of these seem to have worked and I'm in MyTeam.
  9. I had one for Mick Schumacher at Paul Ricard where he pulled off the road around where he had his qualifying crash in real life.
  10. I just want to say I completely agree. A variation of various calendars would be great. Gaming is about freedom and reducing restrictions is rarely a bad idea. I get the season length options would allow you to limit the potential for bugs involving MyTeam etc, though.
  11. I completely agree. The drivers are already in the game as well as the content. Might as well have them as options for teammates for MyTeam as well. What would have been cool would be to start in 2020 with a reasonably accurate calendar then scripted transfers for 2021 where you can choose from the remaining drivers if you want to replace such as Grosjean, Magnussen, Albon and Kvyat. Obviously, prohibit us from signing Schumacher, Mazepin and Tsunoda. Would increase the size of the driver pool which is rarely a bad thing. EDIT: Looking through the asset folders, the 2020 MyTea
  12. Real life pitstops are seconds faster than any stop.
  13. 1) I see your point but it's always been that way. 2) Not noticed it yet. 3) I have noticed that more than previous years but I am sure you can adjust that. 4) Yes. There should really be more wheelspin under acceleration.
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