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    Precision Racing League Grid Autosport League and Club!

    We're looking at a variety of cars and there's a vote on the forums. The vote is between the Mini Miglia, Formula C and Category C Touring Cars.
  2. whitmarsh2

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    It would be nice to remove the cones at Indy Oval and the walls on the inside of the track. It caused me to crash and probably a lot more people as well. The grass is enough.
  3. whitmarsh2

    PS3 F1 2013 League - PRL - DRIVERS WANTED!

    If you cannot make Saturday nights or want more, we currently have 2 classic leagues. The details are below! 90s Race Day: Mondays Time: 20:00BST (8pm UK Time) Distance: 2x 25% races Sign up here! 80s Race Day: Tuesdays Time: 20:00BST (8pm UK Time) Distance: 2x 25% races Sign up here!
  4. This game defines what I want in Grid Autosport! Unless liveries are only on PC.
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    The WTCC are racing on this track in 2015.
  6. There's no EPS80 this week so relive the race when jakeyboy723 (me) won the title! :D The Race is here!! Or get pumped for Week 3 at Melbourne and Sepang in the EPS90 here by watching the 2nd race in the first week with jakeyboy723! The Race is here!! As there's a break week for Division 2, feel free to watch jakeyboy723's strategic masterclass which earned him and his teammate a 1-2! The race is here!! If you like the videos, please subscribe to jakeyboy723's channel here!
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    Grid Autosport Review

    I would love to have an early version! Why do they have an early version and some others don't?
  8. whitmarsh2

    Race Driver: GRID 6 years on

    My memory? Trolling a kid at my school in a gaming competition which involved Grid 1 drifting. I then let him have a second go and he still didn't beat me. Good times. 
  9. whitmarsh2

    Could there be oval tracks?

    The Indy500 race was great! I wouldn't mind that big grids with oval races!
  10. Our EPS90 starts tonight at 8pm BST. The tracks for tonight are Imola and Hungary! The sign up is here! The race thread is here! Feel free to sign up to next season's EPS80 championship here!
  11. whitmarsh2

    Precision Racing League Grid 2 PS3/ALL REGIONS!

    We currently have 10 people and the league should officially start soon! Please go here to post interest! I will make an open lobby to get people interested in the league!
  12. Just to inform you, our EPS90 has been changed to a Monday from a Thursday.
  13. We also have a 5 week season in our 80s championship! We have 1 division on the PS3 in Europe and we are accepting reserves! You can still sign up and if there are enough in about 6 weeks time, we will also have 2 divisions! We will run an open lobby when there isn't a race, so next Tuesday, and we get quite a few turn up! Also, the EPSC's preseason races were successful for both divisions! HUGHZEY199 won from me (jakeyboy723) and I earned it by a phenomenal overtake on Nickgar912 at Eau Rouge! When the video is uploaded, I will edit the post with the video! You may still sign up for a reserve spot and if anybody turns up for 3 championship races without letting us know a reason, you would take their seat! The 90s championship is still accepting more people! We are up to 5/12 signups for the first season! Feel free to join us and sign up! Before the championship, we are running open lobbies in an attempt to get more people from outside there and it proved successful for the 80s! The EPCC had their preseason last week with Kifla winning from pole. They are also into the reserves in their championship so sign up quick to be earlier on the reserve sheet! Melbourne for them is on Wednesday so sign up quick! Our Xbox championship has the potential to start up soon! It is European and the day is currently planned to be a Monday. We currently have 7/16 and the car choice is still underway alongside signing up! E-mails will be sent to those who had signed up to make sure they can compete! Feel free to sign up before we have enough for a championship! That's my European write up over! Feel free to join us in any of our leagues and you may be one of the fast ones!
  14. whitmarsh2

    Precision Racing League Grid 2 PS3/ALL REGIONS!

    I have made an open lobby in an attempt to get people for the league! You can still sign up!
  15. whitmarsh2

    Precision Racing League Grid 2 PS3/ALL REGIONS!

    It's for PS3 by the way but I can make a thread for your console.
  16. whitmarsh2

    F1 2014 Trophy/Achievement Suggestion Thread

    Idiot - Drive for Marussia for the whole of your career.
  17. whitmarsh2

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Then play 2013. The game isnt going to get any better or have ANY of the stuff people want if it stays on old gen. If you want a new game with all the new features people want then CM need more power and more memory. I for one want a NEW game, not an old gen port with copy/paste data from 2013 and high res textures. I don't want a new game, i'm fine with the same version. I quite like it. They'll probably change some things but those will only be small. Most people either cannot afford or want to buy a next gen console so early.
  18. Tonight, our member count doubled for the EPS90! Feel free to increase this further!
  19. Our PS3 90s league is here for anyone interested or able to take part! LOOK HERE!
  20. An open lobby is open on PS3 for anyone!
  21. A 90s open lobby will be made tonight in an attempt to get people for the league! Sign up if you can!
  22. The EPSC Division Trials have been, generally, completed! The results for them are linked here!
  23. The EPS80 (Linked here) has been filled with full time drivers! Reserve drivers are always welcome to the championship! Final day tomorrow to choose a track for the championship by donation or the organisers will choose them!