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  1. The AI easily need their Safety Car logic improved. When you see cars pitting 5 laps after a SC at Mexico, thus ruining their races, it's a bit frustrating. The threshold for cars pitting needs to be significantly higher because the teams would never do this in real life as a SC gives clear, relative track position which would be rarely gained from staying out. An issue of the game not giving laps back is the AI putting themselves a lap down as well which ruins their races even further.
  2. His point is that it doesn't always blow smoke without something failing. Intermittent smoke wouldn't be an issue but it smoking for the whole race is the problem.
  3. I don't think it's wanting to follow the racing line. I've got the exact same issue at Austria where it turns right on entering pitlane. I've tried requesting to pit and I've tried a few things to attempt to stop it including: Pausing the game Coming to a near stop Speeding Turning right/left when crossing the line Flashbacks. None of these seem to have worked and I'm in MyTeam.
  4. I had one for Mick Schumacher at Paul Ricard where he pulled off the road around where he had his qualifying crash in real life.
  5. I just want to say I completely agree. A variation of various calendars would be great. Gaming is about freedom and reducing restrictions is rarely a bad idea. I get the season length options would allow you to limit the potential for bugs involving MyTeam etc, though.
  6. I completely agree. The drivers are already in the game as well as the content. Might as well have them as options for teammates for MyTeam as well. What would have been cool would be to start in 2020 with a reasonably accurate calendar then scripted transfers for 2021 where you can choose from the remaining drivers if you want to replace such as Grosjean, Magnussen, Albon and Kvyat. Obviously, prohibit us from signing Schumacher, Mazepin and Tsunoda. Would increase the size of the driver pool which is rarely a bad thing. EDIT: Looking through the asset folders, the 2020 MyTea
  7. It's been multiple years and you've only just acknowledged it. Wow. Surely, you'd read the rules or watch any race since 2011 or 2012 where lapped cars were allowed to unlap themselves. In 2014, people were complaining the process took too long and it hasn't changed since.
  8. I'd like to see a number of things linked to driver customisation, car customisation and career in general. Customisation Car Ability to change the sponsors on the car. Ability to change the colour of the driver number. Ability to change the driver number font. Ability to customise F2 cars. Real life sponsors Helmet Ability to add manufacturer logos based on the car you're driving. Ability to add logos depending on team or personal sponsors. Career Preseason Allow for development to continue into the next season before Austra
  9. Real life pitstops are seconds faster than any stop.
  10. 1) I see your point but it's always been that way. 2) Not noticed it yet. 3) I have noticed that more than previous years but I am sure you can adjust that. 4) Yes. There should really be more wheelspin under acceleration.
  11. It won't because CM won't know the relative performances of the cars. Also, they said that F1 2015 won't be called F1 2015 so it might be something big.
  12. If you haven't already signed up for the EPSC, I recommend you do! Last season's Division 2 field had a title race that went right down to the wire and there was an 8 point gap and the guy behind won! I almost won the title as I was consistent throughout the season so you can too!
  13. We're looking at a variety of cars and there's a vote on the forums. The vote is between the Mini Miglia, Formula C and Category C Touring Cars.
  14. It would be nice to remove the cones at Indy Oval and the walls on the inside of the track. It caused me to crash and probably a lot more people as well. The grass is enough.
  15. If you cannot make Saturday nights or want more, we currently have 2 classic leagues. The details are below! 90s Race Day: Mondays Time: 20:00BST (8pm UK Time) Distance: 2x 25% races Sign up here! 80s Race Day: Tuesdays Time: 20:00BST (8pm UK Time) Distance: 2x 25% races Sign up here!
  16. At Precision Racing League, we are looking to expand our website using a large variety of games and platforms! For example, we have multiple F12013 Leagues on PS3, Xbox360 and PC. We would like the same for Grid Autosport. Therefore, we are informing you of our Racenet club and our racing league! Firstly, we have the requirements of the Racenet Club and to receive the benefits of a great livery designed by one of our active members! To be a member of Precision Racing League Secondly, we have our Grid Autosport PS3 League! The times, days and format are undecided but there is a poll in the i
  17. This game defines what I want in Grid Autosport! Unless liveries are only on PC.
  18. The WTCC are racing on this track in 2015.
  19. Hi there! We at Precision Racing League are looking to create a Grid Autosport League. We are looking for players interested and are starting our Grid 2 League next week! I hope you would be interested in joining us and enjoy racing with us! The link to our provisional league is here!
  20. There's no EPS80 this week so relive the race when jakeyboy723 (me) won the title! :D The Race is here!! Or get pumped for Week 3 at Melbourne and Sepang in the EPS90 here by watching the 2nd race in the first week with jakeyboy723! The Race is here!! As there's a break week for Division 2, feel free to watch jakeyboy723's strategic masterclass which earned him and his teammate a 1-2! The race is here!! If you like the videos, please subscribe to jakeyboy723's channel here!
  21. I would love to have an early version! Why do they have an early version and some others don't?
  22. My memory? Trolling a kid at my school in a gaming competition which involved Grid 1 drifting. I then let him have a second go and he still didn't beat me. Good times. 
  23. The Indy500 race was great! I wouldn't mind that big grids with oval races!
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