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  1. ImprezaRally

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 5 - The Final

    p-p-prizes? Aw man, well atleast I can brag about getting first in the controllers only sub-catagory, I think,
  2. ImprezaRally

    DiRT Rally Championship Bonus Round - Monte

    B-b-but i dont have rally monte carlo, :,(
  3. ImprezaRally

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 5 - The Final

    Great finale, and good rallying everyone. If this happens again, I hope to see less Norway :pAlso head2head tracks would be interesting, considering that they are time trials, it would be an interesting touch.Anyways congratulations to the winner, they certainly deserved it!  Name: DEVILwithaCROSSTeam: GrakienStage 1 Time: 2:48.446Stage 2 Time: 2:58.025Stage 3 Time: 2:31.546Stage 4 Time: 2:08.692 http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x350/DEVILwithaCROSS/lakegar.png http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x350/DEVILwithaCROSS/vaa.png http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x350/DEVILwithaCROSS/lank.png http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x350/DEVILwithaCROSS/tavdec.png
  4. ImprezaRally

    What does Colin McRae Rally / DiRT mean to you?

    I myself had always had a knack for two things and two things only, racing, and the High Medieval Ages (9th-13th century Europe). As a kid, we had a PS1 and the only thing I'd ever really play was Toy Story: the Game, and the Grand Turismo 2 demo (could only use a Celica rally, mustang, and lancer evo to what I remember now). We'd always rent games at my local video store, and there was this one game that really interested me, it was just jam packed with rally cars, and that's it. I could say it was a Colin Mcrae game, but I've no idea. Anyways, flashing forward to when I got Grand Turismo 2, the full game, I was... hm, maybe 5 or 6. I loved the game, but my attention deficit made me hate the idea of getting a license and drive figuratively minivans until I could afford something nice. That's where my best friend's dad came in, see he had a racing wheel, and the game for a year by the time he simply saved his game onto my memory card, and bam, 1 million credits. And what was the first thing I bought? The Subaru Impreza Rally Prototype '01. I LOVED this car. It ripped, and that is where my love for the bug eye's flourished, perhaps it's nostalgia, but if I will never have the chance to sit in a bug eye'd manual WRX, I will not allow myself to step foot in heaven nor hell. Over the course of my life, I went through too many hot wheels, and Lego castle sets, hell, I was still buying both in 8th grade, 4 years after it wasn't "cool" to do so. I occasionally played and heard of DiRT 2 over the course of two years, but a few months into grade 9, my friend tells me about this game, Mount & Blade: Warband, telling me it's a "medieval Call of Duty". By this time I was well past the CoD, only playing about 30 hours. I find I have a level head, and decided to give it a shot, I downloaded Steam, and I fell in love immediately. At the time I had a terrible laptop, by the time I had DiRT 2 and DiRT 3, it ran the either at less than 10 frames per second, and took about 6 minutes to load. It took me about 10 hours of playing to deem it unplayable (with a keyboard, I might add). And rented it from my library for PS3. My love for the game flourished, at that point, I wasn't sure what made me more... hot... The '05 n12 subaru, or Solberg's '01 rally car. Either way, I beat the entire game with the Impreza group N, and Racing Lancer. My new laptop is coming to be about two years old, the first game I palyed on it was DiRT 2. I clocked too many hours on it, and interestingly hated DiRT 3 for it's gameplay. A codemaster's hiatus occurs, and a few months later, I was on 4Chan, and there was a thread on racing games. I mentioned "I wish there was like a DiRT game but with track racing, maybe, call it ASHPHaLT or something like that." A lad mentions "There is something like that, same developers, it's called GRiD", and turns out it was on sale. So I bought it, installed it, and grabbed my controller. I played it to no end, but it got me to try DiRT 3 once more. Long story short, I cannot go back to DiRT2. About a year ago and a half ago (When I got my driving alone license) I felt my car too well, as though it was part of me, much like how you must feel your sword is just an extension of your arm, and a shield a growth from your shoulder.) I realized many work options were erupting and I heard the story of the infamous Caswell, and was barely motivated. But it unlocked something which festers in me now. It is my dream to contribute to rally. But here in Canada, rally isn't really at large. To compound, my family is not too keen on the idea of a car that will not be a daily driver. I just have this passion in my heart, and if I were given the chance, I feel I would do absolutely terrible, but better than the average. I find I am very, very good at doing things first try, and even better at improving. Not to sound narsastic, it's almost theraputic, but some things someone could train for a month for, I could challenge them and prove a worthy opponent going in almost blind. But if that fails, which is at a very high probability. I have accepted my offer to University, and I am going into a hands-on automotive and mechanical engineer program. If I can't have the joy of driving a rally car, it'll still take something larger than Goku's Spirit bomb to wipe the smile off my face when I'm working on one. I do thank you Codemasters, for opening a portal for where getting your car nice and dirty is a good thing.
  5. ImprezaRally

    DiRT Rally Championship

    I'm good with anything that's Rally: Open & Raid
  6. ImprezaRally

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 4 - Snow Blower Rally

    If I only tried a little harder in Michigan...
  7. ImprezaRally


  8. ImprezaRally

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 4 - Snow Blower Rally

    JBL is a cruel man, Group B felt like I had tires made of ice to begin with... Name: DEVILwithaCROSSTeam: GrakienStage 1 Time: 2:38.122Stage 2 Time: 2:31.632Stage 3 Time: 0:56.817http://s1177.photobucket.com/user/DEVILwithaCROSS/media/kant.png.html http://s1177.photobucket.com/user/DEVILwithaCROSS/media/litl.png.html http://s1177.photobucket.com/user/DEVILwithaCROSS/media/2014-05-25_00004.jpg.html
  9. ImprezaRally

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 4 - Snow Blower Rally

    No idea what's wrong with my computer, but I did this, and it recorded alot better in the previews and stuff.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM_IcLiz8Lk&feature=youtube_gdata
  10. ImprezaRally

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 3 - Wolverine Rally

    Screw 90s and trailblazer.I gave up. Takin' the hit this round. Name: DEVILwithaCROSSTeam: GrakienStage 1 Time: 2:54.645Stage 2 Time: 2:37.369Stage 3 Time: 1:19.121[spoiler][/spoiler]
  11. ImprezaRally

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 3 - Wolverine Rally

    Well this sucks, my controller connector broke so I'm either going to have to go in with a broken steeringwheel or a keyboard...
  12. ImprezaRally

    I DiRTed too hard.

    Just tightening it onto my desk. I might have hulk hands. my handspans 25 cm lol
  13. ImprezaRally

    I DiRTed too hard.

    Well with how mad I was, as it broke two days after I got it, your assumptions could not be too wrong. ;)I did hear that some people made the replacments out of metal, and would like to look into that before I spend more money on shipping than the whole wheel.
  14. ImprezaRally

    I DiRTed too hard.

    [spoiler][/spoiler] My Driving Force GT mounting clamp broke when I was setting up to play sum gaemz. The clips are compatible with the Logitech G25s and G27 and due to Logitech's shit service I've resorted to getting my own clips to replace. I read online that some guys made them out of metal, but that was years ago. Anyone know something about it now?
  15. ImprezaRally

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 2 - Safari Rally

    I could've easily knocked off a second from each time (if I didn't knock the walls) but I'm done with Kenya for another 3 months. LETS GO MICHIGAN OPEN CLASS I'm so proud I beat Yar72 though :D Name: DEVILwithaCROSSTeam: GrakienStage 1 Time: 2: 34.803Stage 2 Time: 2:17.686Stage 3 Time: 3:05.289 http://s1177.photobucket.com/user/DEVILwithaCROSS/media/2014-05-11_00001.jpg.html http://s1177.photobucket.com/user/DEVILwithaCROSS/media/2014-05-10_00007.jpg.html http://s1177.photobucket.com/user/DEVILwithaCROSS/media/2014-05-10_00006.jpg.html