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  1. Hey, Peugeot 306 Maxi have a great sound and it's very fast for a FWD car.
  2. As much as I would like to see any new Subaru or Toyota (and it's hardly possible), I just want to have Lancia 037 / F2 Class / Greece stages back.
  3. Man, it's quite depressing to see so many negative user reviews on steam and metacritic. Hopefully they won't be able to damage game sales a lot.
  4. Thanks. Well, let's just say DiRT 4 driving model disappointed me so much in the past I didn't have a motivation to look further in the menus. Dark times, I'd rather to forgot that)
  5. @dgeesi0I don't see "DiRT Rally 2.0" splash image on replays, like DiRT 4 had. Is it an option or it's just not there anymore?
  6. Oh, *close enough* configuration to mine. Although I hope it does run as well on older i7 2600k. And I still have time to upgrade my GPU till 22nd of February :)
  7. Any word on game performance? (short rig description will do) Actually, can you confirm if there's a benchmark in options?
  8. It's all about damage model or tuning options Toyota will never be okay with.
  9. Well, in short: DiRT Rally never cease to put a smile on my face DiRT 4 just makes me sad DiRT Rally 2.0 NDA testers makes me jealous :p
  10. Tried to play DiRT 4 once more. Man, I still can't understand why it end up like this. I'm one of those who thinks Your Stage was a really cool feature, but handling always gives me "That's just plain wrong. Same folks made DiRT Rally, what happened?". This time I'd really like to try demo of DR 2.0 first (whatever if it's planned or not) since d4 made a lot of damage to franchise (just my opinion) and part of me is regretting buying it.
  11. Don't forget about pizza. It is NOT Pizza! It's kebab pizza thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X6OAucemtE You asked for it.
  12. Well, I don't have VR in the first place, man so *shrug* :D @urgaffel I'll take one chocolate pizza
  13. Eh, sorry, don't want to flame VR talk any further, but that's just not an option in many regions. Because it's not that simple.
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