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  1. 18 hours ago, Smithers1968 said:

    You can keep those horrible F2s but I do miss the 037. BMW M1 is pretty close for now though.

    Yeah, Greece would be great.

    Hey, Peugeot 306 Maxi have a great sound and it's very fast for a FWD car.

  2. 32 minutes ago, bogani said:

    It's optional. You could remove it in Dirt 4 too you know :classic_wink:

    Thanks. Well, let's just say DiRT 4 driving model disappointed me so much in the past I didn't have a motivation to look further in the menus. Dark times, I'd rather to forgot that)

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  3. 1 minute ago, SirPhilMcKraken said:

    I'm running an i7 4770k, GTX970, 16GB RAM and running it on high preset with 70fps (drops to 50 in a couple of places but nothing major)

    Oh, *close enough* configuration to mine. Although I hope it does run as well on older i7 2600k. And I still have time to upgrade my GPU till 22nd of February :)

  4. Tried to play DiRT 4 once more. Man, I still can't understand why it end up like this. I'm one of those who thinks Your Stage was a really cool feature, but handling always gives me "That's just plain wrong. Same folks made DiRT Rally, what happened?".
    This time I'd really like to try demo of DR 2.0 first (whatever if it's planned or not) since d4 made a lot of damage to franchise (just my opinion) and part of me is regretting buying it.
  5. Darhour said:
    why don't you just get a low-spec rally car and participate in one of the open events available in the region?
    Eh, sorry, don't want to flame VR talk any further, but that's just not an option in many regions. Because it's not that simple.
  6. Flipping heck Codies. After watching some of these journalists bounce cars off everything in sight in chase view, I found the 'leaked' clip of the Audi in Argentina again, and boy does it show the game in a better light! You should be linking that clip everywhere.
    I have to agree. Aside from framerate issues it was a much better representation of improved AWD driving model. I hope team will take notes for future DiRT Show and will show more AWD and RWD footage.
    FWD looks more or less similar to D4, so people might assume S "Oh, it's just D4.5". /S
  7. CMMcBabe said:
    Dytut said:
    Just as a side note, but is Stuart Ross making the soundtrack for DR 2.0? I loved the music from DR and hope the sequel can get the same vibe.
    I didn't see anyone answer this, but Mr Ross is indeed making some new music (also, it is really good so far).
    @CMMcBabe Oh, I'm really glad about it. I assume he also worked on the DR 2.0 trailer, since it does have similar vibe to early DR trailers.
    PS: I also hope DR 2.0 will have a proper soundtrack release. DR actually had soundtrack available, but it was pulled from bandcamp soon after its release.
  8. Etirion said:
    Damn you! @Rallycameraman
    More real DiRT players should be able to give a feedback about handling model, since dirt 4 was a huge letdown in that department, imo.
  9. No sp career? That's always my favourite part of racing games. I don't have a PS4 anyway, but that sounds like a big disappointment.
    I wasn't disappointed in DiRT 4, to be honest. But GT Sport seems to be the worst GT in my view.
  10. What else should we talk about?
    How about GT Sport? I had a busy week, wanted to try it today and what did I found? Servers are down till the release, game won't save in offline mode, no singleplayer carreer mode. New GT is basically "dead on arrival" for me.


    Back to DiRT Rally and DiRT 4.
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