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  1. We have snow here today in Murmansk region. https://youtu.be/-JrmTBj9puY See for yourself (June 20th 2017) : Also, I just wanted to share how pissed of I am about playseatstore.com "Worldwide shipping" - yeah, right. Now I had to wait for a refund because, as they stated in a email, it's for "Europe only". What a joke. /Totally not a gossip
  2. Just bought a second hand T500 RS, mint condition, cost me the same as I would spent for new T150 (~300$, local wheel prices are crazy, 'sigh'). Damn, this thing is massive. Definitely need some time to adjust.
  3. "Logitech quality" :D My wheel is off-centered all the time, but the funny thing is that optical encoder is completely fine, I even have a brass one. Still not enough for this damn wheel. Going to buy a T150 on next week, I guess.
  4. I broke my G27 with DiRT Rally, ha ha...
  5. Nothing can beat RBR in simulation /s No, aki1337 use a gamepad with simulation handling. I think it looks easier than it is, and he probably practiced a little before actual recording.
  6. Well, I'm up for more gravel :) And I don't mean that game by Milestone :p
  7. https://youtu.be/Qkfe4lJ-zmo                                               
  8. Oh, that was great. Fog at 1:09 looked kinda strange indeed, but I like it. Now I just need a new wheel...
  9. 9 days till release and my G27 is broken... FML Does anyone here have an experience with Thrustmaster T150? I know there're Fanatec and other good wheels out there, but they will cost tremendously more because of the shipping cost. Even T150 will be ~300$ here.
  10. And they will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger
  11. Oh look, approved trailer :D                  
  12. *Non-approved trailer*                       
  13. So, channel with 644 subscribers can have a ps4 code? Just give one to @Porkhammer already :D
  14. ****, how?! Nah, just regional steam prices. Easy way to get rid of piracy and PC market is huge here because of that. Just for comparison, PS4 and Xbox games costs ~ 70 USD, 63 EUR or 55 GBP.
  15. Russian steam store price for DiRT 4 is ~ 21 USD, 19 EUR or 16 GBP. So, I can't complain here for a non-simultaneous launch :p
  16. I totally agree with you here. It's called artistic freedom. I really hope there will be a way to remove Your Stage constraints with modding.
  17. I'm curious about this as well. Will PC version have 30 fps lock in replays too or not? @KickUp
  18. You'll Need Bravery, Precision and Complete Confidence - Beat the Delta Time at a Single Event at Kotajärvi.At 0:35: https://youtu.be/mIdxxgW31GE?t=35s
  19. I'm still wondering about it myself. But here's a full pikes peak under 5 minutes. (PS4) I also have a lot of screenshots with such times for Greece tracks, I checked every track and class for it. But at this point I just hope that DiRT 4 leaderboards will be moderated.
  20. AFAIK the console versions are cheat free due to... well, being consoles. It's the PC side that has cheating issues. Oh, you'd be surprised how many cheat times are on PS4 leaderboards that weren't deleted.
  21. If it helps to sell the game - why not? I'd like to see more rally footage, though. F2 class, Group B or anything else. Also, I'd like to ask again: when can we expect soundtrack list reveal? PS: 5:36 in SlapTrain's video you can hear Queens of Stone Age - No One Knows
  22. This adapter makes your PS4 'think' that you're using G29. Force Feedback works fine. 
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