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  1. Thats only for PC though, doesn't work on PS4, neither does my G25 :( You can make it work on PS4 with GIMX adapter. I use this myself from time to time with my G27 (G25 and DFGT are also supported). It might be a bit tricky on software part, though.
  2. I can't remember anyone asked about this, so - how much time do we have to wait for soundtrack list reveal? Mid-end of may? Or earlier?  @KickUp @ChristinaMc PS: I don't really expect any answer because of agreements/licensing, but it won't harm to ask :)
  3. Done.                                                      
  4. Nah, I still like it *biased as hell https://youtu.be/Om-9DUmAtIA?t=4s
  5. Ha, Frank Kelly's video. Don't forget about his co-driver as well :p https://youtu.be/kRamhK04Low
  6. It'll definitely be good if (if?!) PC2 offers a better RallyCross than DiRT 4 Fixed that for you :p
  7. True story. It's the easy way to get banned here. Just sign in/sign out with different IP in short time. Really annoying when you have to use VPN because your ISP are blocking other sites and you keep forgetting to turn it off.
  8. Download any recording software (I recommend OBS Studio for balanced high quality - performance) :p  
  9. At this point I think it's more of manufacturer's personal issue if they don't want their cars to be represented in the best rally game to date.
  10. Really enjoyed the story. Is there any video of this jump? Kinda hoped to see it in this interview. PS: Someone answered in the comment section:  http://www.svt.se/sport/motorsport/se-colin-mcrae-i-colins-crest/ 0:20 mark - probably this one.
  11. https://youtu.be/rKwwcCpa2Ag Pain is 6 characters too painful.
  12. https://youtu.be/PLiEaOOdtG8 Congrats Codies - you killed GT Sport for me. Probably any other racing game :p And I really glad that all footage I saw was from a standard PS4. I remember SLRE dev said it's impossible to get more than 30 fps on PS4 hardware, lol.
  13. That's interesting. I wanted a female co-driver in DR, but I didn't like french VO that much (yeah, if you didn't know - french version had a female co-driver).
  14. I don't like Sweden in DiRT Rally, but still can do a few runs from time to time. Finland on the other hand... https://youtu.be/mQR0bXO_yI8
  15. I have Australia for that. Still want to see Japan at some point.
  16. Random location with generated stage? 
  17. It doesn't hide this 'effect' completely. And it does look normal on Nvidia cards. I'm not an AMD hater, never was a fan of any particular vendor. But I just don't want to return on their cards because of various graphic glitches/bugs (small ones, but annoying as hell) which can't be fixed by game developers and drivers.
  18. Dots on vegetation, mostly trees. It's really noticeable. Example: http://i.imgur.com/sfmPavC.jpg I have AMD HD6950 on my second PC config, and I have same issue with this card. Trees look horrible in motion.
  19. It depends on which program you're using to record. Yeah, I'm aware that Shadowplay have this issue with DR as well. Something like Fraps or Bandicam with Lagarith Lossless Codec should maintain stable video bitrate, but you need a decent hardware and plenty of free space on your HDD.
  20. Recording videos from DR using AMD card is a bad idea, 'thanks' to a nasty graphic bug on AMD cards with DR. I hope it won't be the same with D4. @KickUp I'd rather to watch a good clean run than a footage from journalist who crashes all the time.
  21. Hey, I hate them because they're making unpolished games, lacking of quality and post-release support. Not because it's 'cool' to hate them.
  22. I agree. But not just Porsche. Any car manufacturer should be ashamed for giving their license to such studio. Also, their sound design in SLRE was terrible. I don't expect it to be better in GRAVEL.
  23. Loheac is looking good!  Didn't noticed 'Work In Progress', I thought it was a photo :p
  24. With #StealTheShow hah, yeah, they are right about stealing part :D
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