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  1. 11 pages of flagging. This forum sure need some changes to registration rules or/and something more effective than "mah body is 2 short" :D
  2. That reminds me of time when I drove ~70 km without a brakes (mechanical failure) on Lada 21093, handbrake didn't worked too well either. No crashes, I still hate Lada, own Lancer X now. /Worthless cool story for gossip thread.
  3. At least 50gb, I think. If I recall correctly: DiRT Rally on PC: 39gb PS4: 43gb
  4. A little bit slidey, not RBR-slidey :p
  5. I couldn't agree more. I just can't play project cars or assetto corsa with a pad, can't feel car at all. This is why I think DiRT Rally is the best racing game on PS4 at the moment. Don't forget about solid 60 fps.
  6. Yep, dualshock 2 and 3 had pressure sensitive buttons. I guess this feature wasn't so popular or it did cost more, so sony got rid of it in ds4. KevM said:Oh, & iv never owned a PS4, just everything previous, so if what you are saying is the case, iv always had analog buttons? Except dualshock 1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DualShock
  7. Dualshock 4 dropped pressure sensitivity (analog) for all buttons except L2 and R2. I don't know why you want to use circles and squares like you did before in GT.
  8. Sure, but it's just the example of my control scheme. Who cares about such things while playing with gamepad, anyway? By the way, when I'm playing with wheel (G27), I use clutch pedal as a handbrake. How about that? :D
  9. I think the biggest change here is a gear control for manual shifting. Handbrake on R1 works excellent, you should give it a try.
  10. I'm using this control scheme: Works fine for me if I can't use a wheel.
  11. Side effects of licensing talks: headaches, hatred, etc.
  12. I hope it's not the 'Toyota situation' all over again.
  13. https://youtu.be/4MQgUACYz1w Joke from IGN about Your Stage at 7:30: "It's a No Man's Sky of rally games". Oh boy :D
  14. *cough*acat mod*cough***choke** VAC bans are still there, so I don't recommend to use it.
  15. Pretty informative, however, I felt like I knew most answers. Too much reading Q&A on this forum, I guess. :) Need more stuff to speculate about :p Oh, and no BS talking from Paul, straight and clear as always, so I can actually watch it till the end.
  16. I second that, and fearless / hardcore mode unlock from the beginning for DiRT Rally owners. (post about mode unlock @KickUp ).
  17. Yeah, and if I remember correctly, I couldn't even drive properly with wheel before FFB update in June 2015. And this video was made before that.
  18. Snaky115 said:Unless the FAQ turns out to be a joke post going with answers like: Licensing Licensing We don't know xxx is AWESOME Licensing STOP ASKING ABOUT LICENSING Can't tell :( Hey look, we have an EVO 6! i don't know, i just ran out of patience. ^This Licensed body is NDA characters too short to talk about at this point.
  19. Codies really pissed off someone at Toyota, didn't they? Seriously, at this point I don't even think about toyotas in the game. I'm more interested about Citroen Saxo and Xsara and Peugeot 307. Yeah, probably not possible, but...
  20. Licensing is a cancer for racing games development and future sales.
  21. I still think DiRT 4 should have some original composed tracks. Not a big fan of licensed-only soundtracks. Hah, that reminds me of an awful track selection: Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend in Burnout Paradise :D
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