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  1. Well, it was in GT6 :p Which means they surely have exclusive rights to the Moon, like Pikes Peak.  :D With current copyright situation I wouldn't be too surprised about it :D
  2. Nah, they woudn't be so cruel, and they surely left something for gossipers there. List updated with N, by the way. Okay, I'm terrible at guessing but i'd pick New Zealand, Norway, Malaysia or Malta.
  3. Finished watching DiRT Show, good one. I don't think I have any questions left, probably :p Rally location list screen at 12:55 is interesting, though. Also, slider bellow got me thinking that there're even more than 6 locations. But, as this is a gossip thread, any wild guesses yet? I'm pretty sure 6th location is starting with M or N (and I'm talking about a country as well), take your pick: Macau.Macedonia.Madagascar.Malawi.Malaysia.Maldives.Mali.Malta.MonacoMoroccoNamibiaNauruNetherlands NepalNicaragua NigerNigeriaNorth Korea (yeah, must be this one :D)NorwayNew Zealand
  4. Gamereactor has the videos with no one talking over them. Thanks a lot for this link. EVO 6 video without any voice over was really great to listen to. >Still not a final sound mix Final sound mix reaction for DiRT 4: @soundfx make it happen :smile: Yeah, but I didn't saw an answer about hillclimb discipline possibility :p
  5. Well, it's just getting better and better :) What about track deformation/dynamic surface presets? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BtOwGhLIXc  At the beginning of this video (0:05) it seems like some sort of surface deformation. Or it's just a texture work which doesn't affect handling? Do you still targeting 60fps for all consoles (standard PS4/XOne) ? 
  6. Another question to testers: was the crowd being improved? Do they react at all/standing still like before? And I can see marshals models are improved a lot.
  7. Woah, at 5:47 you can clearly see another car retired :O
  8. Thanks, Paul. Sad to hear about Pikes Peak, though. So, no hillclimb discipline at all, or it's still too early to talk about it?
  9. Oh, one day without reading gossip thread... heh. I'm really glad for a new game announcement, and I like that I saw so far. I have some questions: 1. Will there be more FWD cars? 2. I'm interested about game soundtrack. Any info about this? Licensed/Original/Both? If Original, who is composer? 3. Pikes Peak?
  10. And now I really want to see a next-gen Burnout...
  11. Yeah, I do have stutters and hitches in AC on my PC (i7 2600k @4,5Ghz, GTX760, 16gb ram) with high settings and it doesn't even look that good. About DR optimisation: it runs pretty well on almost every config I've tried so far.
  12. Mazda and Lexus sounds weird, but rest of them are pretty similar to how I would pronounce them.
  13. Nice, but CMR 2.0-themed screenshot is kinda 'meh' comparing to the others.
  14. Yeah, I agree. More pizza and movie references in the next game :D
  15. Nah, probably something like: - We are working on something big! But we signed multiple NDAs already...
  16. "Insert car manufacturer name here"
  17. When I recorded DiRT Rally videos during early access period via shadowplay output folder was called DiRT4.
  18. Any Slayer fans at Codemasters? https://youtu.be/wDk6fvkEp2k                     
  19. https://youtu.be/BJEvhi2OlEY                                                  
  20. Body is [REDACTED] short Is this an SCP-related forum now? As much as I hate NDA, I like the fact DiRT Team have something to test already.
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