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  1. 1 hour ago, bogani said:

    Hitting a spectator should obviously be one, but I'm not certain the moral issues allows it.. :classic_tongue:

    Interesting that the video is titled "Rally New Zealand 98 Leg 1". Is there more footage where he hits leg 2? I'm talking about the stages.



  2. toninus said:
    Another hint about Ireland coming as DLC then... I really hope it will be winter themed, we already have three very green rallyes in game.
    Like this : 

    So, with this and probably Monte and Sweden or Norway in another DLC, we have 9 out of 12 locations Stephane Prevost said.
    Hoping for Greece, then one Asan and one African location. One being tarmac, which would make 4 tarmac out of 12 locations, a good ratio IMO.
    THESE are the narrow tricky roads we want in a rally game! Feels like playing Rally Championship GB Stages back in the day!

    Edit: Ulster Rally Stages