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    What you want to see from GRID

    I really liked the car tier system in GRID2, it made car choice balanced so people couldn't just pick "the top car" but it also gave the players the opportunity of having a multidisciplinary race (so muscle cars could race jap cars, or euro cars vs jap cars vs muscle, etc) what i would like to see in GRID autosport would be: -a way to race different tiers (just the option in multiplayer, not to redo the entire tier system), not to win, but so that friends can just play around with different tiers   -a return of freestyle drifting, like in the original GRID i think it would be fun to have that "free roam" style of drifting -a some more toyota love, i really miss the AE86 corolla from the original GRID, but i would also like to see some other toyotas,  like some supras, celicas and maybe some KE corollas (like the KE70) -more classic cars, i like how the charger and mustang are in GRID2, but it would be nice to see some other classic cars, maybe even some older cars that arn't from america, like some valliants, or holdens (please put a torana, commodore or monaro into the game, the land of kangaroos and deadly snakes down-under will thank codemaster and love them forever) -as with the more more classics, some nostalgic jap cars would be aweosme, C10 skylines, AE86, TA22 celica and maybe even just previouse generations of current cars, S12 silvia, S13 silvia, S14 silvia, GTiR pulsar, all of the skylines, a bunch of evos, some imprezzas, just so people can have a choice and maybe even do some showdowns, everyone picks a different skyline for example tl:dr Bring back the AE86... i like that car, its a good car  [-O<