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  1. Oks uploaded rearview fix mirrors http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/grid-autosport-fix-mirrors-betterrflex-mod-v0-1-by-mortal.2583/ Enjoy,
  2. No general fix, need individual working on envimap reflex, is not the perfect solution, but better than nothing...
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyW0r_ctSG8&feature=youtu.be SIM Autosport Edition mod
  4. MortalKombat

    Autosport Modding Thread

    Hi I want to make a general inquiry, I would like to enter online rooms enabled only for modding online, ¿Codies? Give us a little love...
  5. WTF codies, return to actuality! mobile games is mutch more that this
  6. MortalKombat

    GRID Autosport confirmed cars/tracks/features

    No Laguna Seca Circuit???? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. MortalKombat

    Grid Autosport

    PC version include HD texture pack DLC on launch 5GB http://www.pcgamesn.com/sorry-consoles-grid-autosport-pc-has-30gb-high-res-textures 11gb and with HD pack 16gb, better textures, better shadows, reflections etc also support 4K “We're locked to 30fps on console, we're clear on PC,” Moody adds. “60fps is really nice, it gives you a great experience. And, it can be played on a three displays. It has full peripheral support – wheels, controllers...”. “We've got it running on 4K in the next room,” says Adrian Lawton, Codemasters communications manager. “The thing about being PC-lead is that in the past we'd think 'Oh we can't do that on console' so we wouldn't do it,” says Kettlewell. “Whereas now the reaction now is 'Oh we can't do it on console but let's do it on PC.' “We have little dashboard reflections. In head cam you can see reflections on the windscreen, something we'd never be able to afford to do on consoles without breaking our fps performance limit. In the past we wouldn't have done features like that but now we're thinking we can do it on PC. Better lighting and things like that. Little bits in lots of places.” From what I saw of Grid Autosport, those little bits add up to a great game. We'll have a full Grid Autosport preview posted soon.
  8. MortalKombat

    Grid Autosport

    @Loore New vid today?
  9. MortalKombat

    Grid Autosport

    I wouldn't say a priority but there's a lot of little things in GRID Autosport that I'm really liking, those of you on my Steam will list see that I'm playing more and more of it lately, that's down to enjoyment and not 'for work'. One of my favourite things at the moment is that when I do a multiple event race weekend I never have to go back to the main menu. It's just non stop racing, I like that, less moving between loading screens and more time spent doing what we all want to do...race cars. The mechanical damage, which we've not really spoken about yet has been improved greatly. The handling guys have done a great job with this and I can't wait to talk about it some more. Things like loosing a gear because you've been over revving or sitting on the limiter for too long is a great little feature. We'll be going into more detail on that next week. Online, I think there's a big improvement here, especially in terms of giving everyone the options they want / need. RaceNet, best support to date in my opinion, Clubs is going to be great and the Autosport challenge (think Global Challenge) is also shaping up nicely. Cars, we've got a great variety of them in Autosport and there really is something for everyone. I'm looking forward to the races in a particular classic online as it's just so much fun. Feedback is enough are we've improved, in terms of the tyres being connected to the road, especially via cornering. Nice but, you mentions than this grid retuns to TOCA sense? how? in that point? mm because not include the key points of toca sence, how multi class races, flags or pitts etc What's is the point?
  10. MortalKombat

    Grid Autosport

    Please add high detail cockpits, in this time, the competitors of racers for this year is big, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Drive Club, Forza, GT etc Seriously codies, today these details make you show weakness, to this fierce competition.  are you allowed to be a down step below? I can not believe
  11. MortalKombat

    Grid Autosport

    Today more info in the blog Loore?
  12. MortalKombat

    Grid Autosport

    Hi thanks Loore for all In story/carrer mode is only off voice relate? or any cinematics?