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  1. Strange I can't see an official post here about this so I thought you guys would like to know there's a whole new blog about the upcoming DLC, patch details including virtual mirror and other tweaks. :-bd http://blog.codemasters.com/grid/07/grid-autosport-a-note-on-future-content/
  2. Workhorse9696

    Assists On or Off?

    So what is everyone using? I started off with all assists off but have since started using ABS and TC as I just find it more enjoyable taking corners without locking my brakes all the time :D
  3. Probably the most in depth article I've read about the game :) http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/05/20/grid-autosport-interview/
  4. Nothing new really but still worth a read to see how IGN feel about it and also what the mainstream gaming opinion is so far. http://ign.com/articles/2014/05/20/grid-autosport-is-it-the-racing-game-for-you
  5. Workhorse9696

    Cockpit View - Will you use it?

    Just thought it would be interesting to see how the forum will use the return of cockpit view. I'll use it occasionally, I'm a bonnet cam player but occasionally I'll have a session where I want to experience that feeling of being 'right in the heart of the pack'. I won't use it a lot because I've always found it too restrictive to view what's going on around you. Without the ability to move my head as in real life I don't agree with people who claim it's the most realistic way to play a racing game.
  6. So as the thread title reads do you want Flashbacks in the online racing or not? My thoughts; my instincts tell me No as I believe it encourages reckless/careless driving as was evident in Grid 2. This feature is not set in stone, it would be quite simple for Codemasters to switch this on or off before the game releases so here's your chance to let Codemasters know what you think :)
  7. As we all know one of the biggest reasons Grid 2 failed online was due to the 'Do anything to win' theme of the game and this wasn't helped by the handling model, extreme collisions between 2 cars, especially cars ramming the car in front at corners, online flashbacks and no Forward Collisions Only which we had in Grid 1. The only action taken by Codemasters was to penalise the dirty players with a Red exclamation mark against their name which not surprisingly did nothing to deter the dirty players.  Now some of this may be alleviated by the return to Grid 1's handling model, a reduction in the over the top arcade speed of Grid 2 cars especially tier 3 and 4, and cars that don't easily swerve all over the road as pointed out by MiatakiasGR on a few other threads. As I suggested on the old forum one major way to deal with ramming would be to replicate the car on car collision model we had in Grid 2's Overtake races where if you tried to ram one of the AI cars it would not result in an extreme collision and actually slowed down your car, the same result when you tried to swipe them off the track as you passed them, a technique the dirty players in Grid 2 used all the time. Another suggestion I just thought of, any player that eventually gets a red exclamation mark for persistant ramming becomes ghosted for a certain amount of time and has their top speed reduced... So can Loore or anyone else at Codemasters please let us know what has been done to address these issues. Thanks
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    I played the Destiny beta and alpha, both of which I assume were played by thousands more than this and I played it for several days both times.  Never found a single glitch in the game.  Just saying. Guess you were playing a different version to everyone else. http://www.bungie.net/en/Forum/Topics/0/Default/None/%23glitch
  9. Workhorse9696

    New tracks on the way

    Good to see Miami return, always preferred it to Chicago myself in Grid 2.  Real shame we didn't get a new city in GAS for street. Racing over the Harbour Bridge in Sydney would have been cool B)  
  10. Workhorse9696

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    I did play the beta test for destiny and it was buggy, a lot more buggy than GAS in fact ( it is a beta of course) it had at least 20 different bugs named after animals, they were all resulting to one common problem, connection and player to player syncing issues. which resulted in alot of people not being able to play the beta at all (and  that does not include the day one bug with resulted in a big patch to be implemented  in order to play again).... when a game is online based with no offline capabilities you gonna run into issues and its going to be very very complex.  If they dont get it right it will turn out to be another "defiance" game which was a major let down. So @berre, If you are going be cocky at least get your facts right. -_- Grid is nowhere near as bad, at least you can play it, you might have to start again but it still playable. If Destiny does not fix those issues you might not be able to play it at all.  The problem is that Bungie bothered to test in order to find these teething problems. I didn't really run into any bugs on Destiny, but if other people did then that's what Bungie wanted. :/ Haha so naive!! If you think Destiny will release bug free because they had a public beta you are living in cloud cuckoo land. I gaurentee it will release with some major bugs.
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    Ah ok :) I wasn't one of the elite touring car racers, just used to watch them disappearing into the distance!! But I do remember using a similar technique in the lamborghinis on some circuits where you only had to use the brakes for the tight corners.
  12. Workhorse9696


    If you threw your Chevy or BMW into any turn and caused wheel spin you would never be able to keep up with the good players who took the racing line and knew when to brake and when to accelerate out of the turn. 
  13. Workhorse9696

    AI Discussion and Feedback

    I'm in season 8 in Street and I normally start at the back of the pack on V.Hard and I don't think I've ever seen the AI have a first corner pile up. But then I do stay at the back for the first corner or so before I start trying to overtake the back markers. Did you ever consider that you are what's causing the pile ups?
  14. Workhorse9696

    AI Discussion and Feedback

    As for my opinion on the AI I pretty much agree with everything that's been posted so far and it's good to hear that people are praising the AI as probably the best AI in any race game which I agree with. Not perfect but very impressive.
  15. Workhorse9696

    AI Discussion and Feedback

    The problem with that is it would be too easy to pass the AI if you could easily spin them out. It's already easy enough using the AI cars to get around corners on V.Hard.
  16. Workhorse9696

    Loore why cant we

    Pretty sure you could race any car on any track in Grid's Time Trial and pretty sure there was a global leaderboard as I remember being top in some car/track combos simply because there were so many  combos. If it's a racenet issue then I'm sure people would be happy if the game just kept a record for the player that wasn't linked to racenet.
  17. Workhorse9696

    GRID Autosport Video Review

    You need to concentrate on watching the first 6 seconds and ignore the OP's video editing after the incident. If you watch the first 6 seconds you can clearly see the OP's car moving across multiple racing lines before he got hit. If you just watch the OP's edit after this it looks like it was the AI's fault. 
  18. Workhorse9696

    GRID Autosport Video Review

    You moved all the way from the right of the road to the left of the road without a care in the world about what was going on behind you and then you make a video to show how reckless your driving is and try to blame the AI. Am I missing something here?
  19. Workhorse9696

    GRID Autosport Video Review

    You tried to cut up/block the AI driver who was going much faster than you. If it was the other way round you would be complaining about the slower AI car being too aggressive and trying to block you!!
  20. Workhorse9696


    I really enjoy the AI, they can be a bit aggressive but then so can I!! I really like the way that you're never allowed to relax and every mistake sees the AI behind you getting closer to catching you up. Nothing more tedious than breaking away from the AI and driving the rest of the race out on your own with barely any pressure. Thanks to the AI in career this is the first CM game since they introduced online play that I'm perfectly happy playing offline and am not missing playing online against real players at all. 
  21. Workhorse9696

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Yep, far too easy to damage steering. Only playing career but it's a real pain to have your steering damaged 2 laps into a x3 lap race. Considering you have to brake late to pass the AI it's inevitable that you will make contact with the cars in front as you're trying to push your way through the pack. Really wish they would tweak this as it's my only real gripe with the game at the moment.
  22. Workhorse9696

    Boost Pack?

    May be I need to read the game manual again but what benefits do we get in career mode for gaining XP?
  23. Workhorse9696

    GRID AUTOSPORT // What Disapline Are You Best At?

    Always do better in Street, I just learn the tracks a lot easier than the race circuits.
  24. Workhorse9696

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I would say Grid 2's was worse at least for me. Yes the AI is still aggressive sometimes but it's nowhere near as bad as in the previous Grid games IMO Totally agree about Grid 2 but I think a lot of that was also down to the collision impact between 2 cars being too extreme. My philosophy is to treat the AI players the same way I treat real players online and 5 seasons in playing on Hard I don't think I've had one overly aggressive move made on me for no reason. We trade paint and give each other little knocks but I'm not experiencing this overly aggressive AI. An example is if I brake late for a corner and go wide and I know the AI behind me are right on my tail, I don't then try and move back on to the racing line as I know the AI will be taking that line faster than me and I made the mistake, so I let them pass on the inside and then I slot back in behind them, this is how I play online. I suspect people complaining about aggressive AI expect the AI to always give in to the player, even if the player is driving badly, and when the AI don't give in to the player, they complain.