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  1. That because codemasters is focused on making three new tracks ready for when it's ready
  2. A little reminder here to the person asking, FOM has to give permission for codemasters to show off gameplay hence the hush
  3. At least this time around there a layout announced At the same time unlike the Saudi Arabia track so codemasters can get to work on the track for next year game
  4. Well, unlike last year codemasters will now have some data to go on thanks to the 1st gp which is now in the history books
  5. I say both will get the game
  6. Speaking of TBC that TBC could be another race at Bahrain if Portugal is a no go
  7. 1st Things 1st we still do not know the TBC track and that will hold things up (which is round 3 after Imola) so Code masters can not say anything until fia sorts out the tbc
  8. It will be one of the patches that is coming (as you know by now everyone time frames can not be given until a certain 2 console makers had a check of the patch)
  9. Well, I think people are still waiting for f2 2020 cars and drivers therefore I guessing a big patch
  10. breezyskells22

    F2 2020

    At least this year we can not blame any deaths for the hold ups, might be due to a certain slow console makers checks
  11. Why do people keep asking when codemasters has said time and time again this is not coming, we are getting fed up with this
  12. Give them time please as we ONLY had 3 races
  13. breezyskells22


    How about check the Xbox as there was a tweet saying you can update your game now
  14. Looks like you might have to ban people from talking about the new tracks that came in this year as people are not looking at the blue bar and some of us are getting fed up about it

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