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  1. A little update on the Xbox patch side of things please
  2. On the Xbox side of things I have a feeling it be two patches in one as you all know by now Microsoft like to take thier time on checking patches before either getting green lighted or red lighted.
  3. and now there another issue for Codemasters, has to get rid of Rich Engegy on the Hass
  4. At least we know the month for Schumacher and co but here a question, Which drivers are you going to use when teams are changing drivers as I type this?
  5. might be due to the risk of boosting someone ranked when 2 known people are invole
  6. breezyskells22

    F1 ® 2019 – Your Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you calm down @Ivano2023 I will be playing this on My Xbox One which does not have a VR headset.
  7. breezyskells22

    F1 ® 2019 – Your Frequently Asked Questions

    I did not know about we can use F2 on other tracks so I say thank you for the info.
  8. breezyskells22

    Real F1 penalty against Vettel Kanada GP

    and add BTCC driver Jason Plato in the list of supporting Vettel and a couple of NASCAR Drivers.
  9. breezyskells22

    When will Dirt Rally 2.0 be patched?

    I think these people forgot its requires Microsoft and Sony to check patches 1st and that takes a bit of time hence we always get hush on time frames for patches as Codemasters can not set a ETA until both console makers says its ok to do so
  10. breezyskells22

    What tracks would you like to see(back)

    Erm did you not see Silverstone which IS a GP track plus it has other layouts
  11. breezyskells22

    WE WANT GRID 4! - Main Thread

    Which means this topic can now be put to rest with that bit of news today
  12. breezyskells22

    Nwes F1 2019

    I think the news will be here when Codemasters and FOM are happy to say something.
  13. Well at the time Robbiemelv83 we had no idea we will get Senna and Prost and I wonder how long we wait for the 2019 F2 cars and drivers minus the ones that are racing as we speak
  14. breezyskells22

    BTCC discussion

    Yesterday We now know where Jason Plato is doing. He is racing a Vauxall as PMR decided to sign him
  15. breezyskells22

    Welcome to the New Codemasters Forums!

    Yep, that the one thankyou @Faya