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  1. At least codemasters know only do one new track at the moment and that is the new track in the usa
  2. When I get a go at this game I have to change my number due to the Japanese rookie taken it and that number 22
  3. Well, if you kept up Jeddah will come next month (just in time for the 1st ever saudi Arabian grand prix) while all the others are track that were Mr replacements for the last two years minus Hanoi as that was not races on but is in f12020
  4. There is still time in October as we should know by now maybe the hold up is not codemasters fault as it needs to past Sony and Microsoft checks
  5. And for those that thought Monday you have found yourself in a gravel trap so to speak as there was no news on Twitter about the update as someone got their facts wrong on Twitter
  6. Well it is still 3 until yas marina so let's wait and see
  7. With todays news you finally got the news you all be waiting for hence the thread title change
  8. That wrong peanutt2000 as there a 1.10 planned and as normal Sony and Microsoft will.check it 1st before the green flag is shown
  9. There is thread on this topic already and it be ready when ready
  10. Or the reason for no official time frame is because when the tracks come it be in a patch
  11. Well today we got an answer with a yes there is another grid game coming called grid legends coming sometime next year
  12. Here we go again. There is also one more thing, one extra race so codemasters has to deal with that. And just like the track answer it be ready when ready
  13. Why do people keep asking for a time frame when it comes to in this case tracks, it be ready when it's ready plus I always understand that this will be a patch therefore that why we can not have a eta until Sony and Microsoft has checked the patch and give it the green flag and everyone should know that by now
  14. That because codemasters is focused on making three new tracks ready for when it's ready
  15. A little reminder here to the person asking, FOM has to give permission for codemasters to show off gameplay hence the hush
  16. At least this time around there a layout announced At the same time unlike the Saudi Arabia track so codemasters can get to work on the track for next year game
  17. Well, unlike last year codemasters will now have some data to go on thanks to the 1st gp which is now in the history books
  18. I say both will get the game
  19. Speaking of TBC that TBC could be another race at Bahrain if Portugal is a no go
  20. 1st Things 1st we still do not know the TBC track and that will hold things up (which is round 3 after Imola) so Code masters can not say anything until fia sorts out the tbc
  21. It will be one of the patches that is coming (as you know by now everyone time frames can not be given until a certain 2 console makers had a check of the patch)
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