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  1. Also... With almost 12 rally locations (times wet) and GBs of space in today's devices, don't you think that 10 slots limit is a bit too low?
  2. After 100 more hours... It's nice that name of setup stays untouched now, but I have real trouble to tune gears correctly just from it's ratios, please adding max speed on given gear would make lot of difference. Of course, chart with torque curve / rpm would be blast...
  3. Yep, as my friend who's doing rally IRL says, co-drivers first duty is to bring peace.
  4. I am really missing marker of default tunning values. When overwriting existing setup, keep its name, don't change it back to 'My setup.' Include the current location to automatic setup name - Ie. 'My setup Poland.' In gears setup area, would it be possible to add the maximum theoretical speed of given gear, you know, speed when the rev limiter is being hit? It would be easier to see how moving notch here and there affects the whole thing. way more save slots in order to cove 12 locations times wet conditions