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    Tunning area tunning

    I am really missing marker of default tunning values. When overwriting existing setup, keep its name, don't change it back to 'My setup.' Include the current location to automatic setup name - Ie. 'My setup Poland.' In gears setup area, would it be possible to add the maximum theoretical speed of given gear, you know, speed when the rev limiter is being hit? It would be easier to see how moving notch here and there affects the whole thing. way more save slots in order to cove 12 locations times wet conditions
  2. ZbP

    Tunning area tunning

    Also... With almost 12 rally locations (times wet) and GBs of space in today's devices, don't you think that 10 slots limit is a bit too low?
  3. ZbP

    Tired of grinding

    I am becoming very, very tired of endless carrier championship grinding. I bet you know the drill : get a new car into the garage drive it about 200+ km to unlock all engine tweaks so that it can compete in community events (in other words, drive it for about 2+ hrs in two or three locations on master difficulty) finish/retire championship repeat It was quite fun before I reached masters, filled up all my staff positions with fully qualified engineers, and upgraded something over fifteen cars and got all available beauties into my garage. But now after more than 300 hrs when credits are not a problem, and when my life is knocking on the door, I would love to have 'quick spin' - 'custom carrier championship.' You know, just set a number of events/stages per event then let it be completely random (although compositions of events similar to weekly events 6 - 9 stages with longer gaps in-between services would also be excellent). Also, having one extra bar or two of 'research perk' for every 'non-chief' engineer would make an awesome difference. Don't tell me, that maxed guys who've been around for such a long time can't upgrade engine faster than they do now.
  4. ZbP

    Tired of grinding

    @afahoy Yep, you nailed it. Once you've got family to take care of you just can't go 300hrs/month, priorities are with them as you surely know.
  5. ZbP

    Tired of grinding

    But do we agree that custom championship in my career is needed? Besides earning cash/upgrading cars, it would solve the situation where 6x12 stages are too much/too little by personal preference.
  6. ZbP

    Tired of grinding

    @lilfurbal Yep, I adapted the same strategy, and it's, of course, more fun, yet being slightly competitive and bit perfectionist I am missing way to upgrade cars in reasonable times and DR1 custom championship too.
  7. ZbP

    How do engine upgrades work?

    Yep, some nice torque curve chart would be amazing, also with gears/speed interpolation into it. Gearbox tweaking would become yummy.
  8. ZbP

    Tunning area tunning

    After 100 more hours... It's nice that name of setup stays untouched now, but I have real trouble to tune gears correctly just from it's ratios, please adding max speed on given gear would make lot of difference. Of course, chart with torque curve / rpm would be blast...
  9. ZbP

    Option to disable co-driver comments...

    Yep, as my friend who's doing rally IRL says, co-drivers first duty is to bring peace.
  10. ZbP

    We Want Money in Free Mode!

    I would think of something like 'Short Championship' in Career mode - 6 events with just 4 stages per event. As you progress to higher difficulties, It's getting really tedious to pass about six hours with one car mostly in night and rain. Of course, rewards should be reduced accordingly and possibly win/loose should not affect carrier progress. Some of us do have to live lives you know?
  11. Being a bit patriotic, Czech Republic - Wallachia Rally would be nice - narrow, degraded tarmac with lots of corners and some straights, small villages, and hilly countryside.