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  1. Dunoon

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

    Analog Handbrake please.
  2. Dunoon

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Yes, but only because the first three cars (Mini Coopers) were disqualified because they had the wrong type of headlamp bulb.
  3. I am a deluxe buyer, I don't mind paying 'twice' for what is obviously the same stages but re-worked for this new game, in fact I would pay more than that, since Monte Carlo is so far (for me) the best location in the game and I am having a great time playing it.
  4. Happened to me as well, Argentina twice, maybe it's supposed to be this way, but why?
  5. Getting more and more of this. Lost progress in Daily because of it.
  6. Now I can't play at all.šŸ˜¢
  7. I played through career mode yesterday, completing 5 rallies and 2 stages in Spain at Pro level. I was leading the Championship so a decent result in Spain would win it for me and put me up to Elite level. Started the game up this morning and I get this. Then this. Right back to the start with some weird graphics glitch. So this means I have to play through all the stages again?
  8. A mouse on the stage! disable 'unexpected moments'
  9. I don't know yet, I will have to play all through career mode, before I make a judgement.
  10. No I am on Pro, see second screenshot. I don't know how they work out the AI, I remember an explanation of it on a Steam forum by 1 of the developers, it's complicated. (For Dirt Rally) In Poland the first Stage was wet, I ended up in 12th place, after a clean run, but came first in every stage after that with the same pace/effort.
  11. Maybe it's a bug with some cars, was there not a problem with the RWD BMW in Dirt4?? anyway no problems beating the AI with an Escort.
  12. Yes that's it I did buy them used skinflint that I am
  13. I have driven the Datsun once so there should be some miles on it, but I have not done 55 events in it as it says, bug?? Same with the DS21, 175 events but no mileage??