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  1. My advise here would be not to pre order the game, and that's not a bashing towards CM.  I brought F1 2014 and while it was not worth the money it was only made a good game by the PC community which improved the game 10 fold. For me having better graphics etc is nice but what is more important is the basics of the games and the continued bugs with it all this needs to be fixed first. Still unable to do manual starts, parade lap dynamic pit strategy useless engineer etc all need to be looked at as well as there is no point doing the career mode when you have to develop the car when the ai
  2. Don't worry the OP will soon reach puberty and will have real life issues to worry about. Erm.... I'm 35 I think the whole puberty thing is done with now!  Cant see how asking a question means this is the biggest problem in my life? Maybe when you reach puberty your be able to use a forum without trying to come up with smart arse comments.
  3. Morning, I normally only playing single player on the F1 series but I had a look at the online play last night and there were no lobby's open no matter what event I choose so could not have an online race...  I'm using the PC does anyone else have this problem?
  4. Yes I have the same but I found it the same in 2013, can qualify high but then in the race they are all over me
  5. I only done one race on Expert and won the race a bit to easily but looking at these gaps if I move up to legendary the AI might be to fast!
  6. I had a bug on my first game don't know if anyone else has had it? Got Pole position in Australia on option tyres as normal but started the race on primes! Obviously you cant do this in F1, didn't notice that I was on primes until on the grid and wondering why after getting pole the AI were all over me lol This was in GP mode 50% race full weekend
  7. And yet here we are................. yawn......
  8. This is the cheapest I found it (PC) if it helps any one... http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/f1-2014-pc-cd-key-steam
  9. Catherham? When did they join the sport? Oh dear..............
  10. I don't want to add to the fire but I herd that if you want to steer left or right you still have to press the left or right button on the joy pad!!! Very disappointing, why have they not put mind control in this game! Actually I might start a new thread about this.............
  11. Hopefully your right, I must admit ive seen enough for me to buy this on release day now :-) After all the complaining about being a cut and paste game it looks good enough to me
  12. hmmmmmmmmmm... If that is legend then the AI look easy to over take, Ferrari breezing past a Williams with no DRS and McLaren over taking Alonso round the outside
  13. Oh, and also get rid of the XP system for new contract drives, it doesn't work, team offers should come from your results and what team you drive for like in real life
  14. 1. manual starts i.e you cant just put your foot to the floor 2. manual pit stops 3. parade lap 4. DNF's/car problems 5. Safety Car 6. Manual control behind safety car 7. more intelligent pit radio 8. automatic update of strategy if one better/safety car 9. difficulty on a slide bar 1-10 10. AI not 2 seconds a lap faster when wet
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