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  1. It says: "free for season owners" That means, if you only have s1 and s2, you will get it anyway
  2. I know that, far from me to compare both as the same, nothing near that. Was just saying if someone wanted to know
  3. Ya 90° is normal for that GPU with stock cooler. I have here a rtx2070 and I get 70° (stock cooler (Asus Strix))
  4. Nothing. It's better not knowing
  5. Some pubs closes now, so 🤞 it will be deleted 🙏
  6. No moderators on this forum? 22 min this nonsense post and no delete? 🙄
  7. That "whistle" would be so awesome to have. Total immersion
  8. Really? Nice implementation 😀
  9. If you are correct, that means I have them in game, just have to purchase them, right? I don't need them, I thought it was like a bug or something
  10. Just changing a bit the subject. I just noticed now, that I don't have the "H2 RWD double pack". My steam says I have to pay and off course, I have the deluxe edition. Anyone with this problem? Why I have this @PJTierney?
  11. Weather conditions? Bug fix? Sound upgraded?
  12. Since we have loads of "old stuff" I would bet in a game mode. Head to Head 😁
  13. Not for the cheaper side, but just looking for the rally content. So in this case, I would buy at once 🙂
  14. @PJTierney Any news about buying just season 3 or 4 individual?
  15. This two and I'm so, so happy 😊
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