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  1. Steverex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    PjTierney Can you have a look or ask the dev team to check a bug in monte carlo? I was hopping someone notice, but here i am to point out 🙂 at Gordolon - courte montee there is a turn for right side that if you do near miss to the small wall, it hits something invisible. The location is before the first hard left turn. If you need more,information, let me know
  2. Steverex

    Any assistance please?

    Sorry, in that case, i can't help you. I using pc
  3. Steverex

    Any assistance please?

    Use the Logitech profile. There you can define the rotation. Another tip is, when driving in dirt/gravel, before the turn, turn a bit before. Also, if imagine, the turn is left, do a bit of right first and then left, so you car can slide better (we call it scadinavian).
  4. Steam, DR2 properties, "set launch options" and write: -force-d3d9 For me it worked
  5. If you guys having the crash, the game shuts down, i solved this already. It's a problem with dx9. So, for steam users, just go to "propertes" then "set launch options" in DR2 and set: -force-d3d9
  6. Steverex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Already? Jessuuuusss ffs
  7. Im using the g27 and since 00h i have zero problems. Core i5 3570k; Nvidia Gtx980.
  8. Steverex

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    Try to install the logitech driver again. Could be a "misreading" if that makes sense