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  1. Steverex

    Any assistance please?

    Sorry, in that case, i can't help you. I using pc
  2. Steverex

    Any assistance please?

    Use the Logitech profile. There you can define the rotation. Another tip is, when driving in dirt/gravel, before the turn, turn a bit before. Also, if imagine, the turn is left, do a bit of right first and then left, so you car can slide better (we call it scadinavian).
  3. Steam, DR2 properties, "set launch options" and write: -force-d3d9 For me it worked
  4. If you guys having the crash, the game shuts down, i solved this already. It's a problem with dx9. So, for steam users, just go to "propertes" then "set launch options" in DR2 and set: -force-d3d9
  5. Steverex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Already? Jessuuuusss ffs
  6. Im using the g27 and since 00h i have zero problems. Core i5 3570k; Nvidia Gtx980.
  7. Steverex

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    Try to install the logitech driver again. Could be a "misreading" if that makes sense
  8. Steverex

    DRC - DiRT Rally Championship

    Count me in 😄