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  1. It says: "free for season owners" That means, if you only have s1 and s2, you will get it anyway
  2. I know that, far from me to compare both as the same, nothing near that. Was just saying if someone wanted to know
  3. Ya 90° is normal for that GPU with stock cooler. I have here a rtx2070 and I get 70° (stock cooler (Asus Strix))
  4. Nothing. It's better not knowing
  5. Some pubs closes now, so 🤞 it will be deleted 🙏
  6. No moderators on this forum? 22 min this nonsense post and no delete? 🙄
  7. That "whistle" would be so awesome to have. Total immersion
  8. Really? Nice implementation 😀
  9. If you are correct, that means I have them in game, just have to purchase them, right? I don't need them, I thought it was like a bug or something
  10. Just changing a bit the subject. I just noticed now, that I don't have the "H2 RWD double pack". My steam says I have to pay and off course, I have the deluxe edition. Anyone with this problem? Why I have this @PJTierney?
  11. Weather conditions? Bug fix? Sound upgraded?
  12. Since we have loads of "old stuff" I would bet in a game mode. Head to Head 😁
  13. Not for the cheaper side, but just looking for the rally content. So in this case, I would buy at once 🙂
  14. @PJTierney Any news about buying just season 3 or 4 individual?
  15. This two and I'm so, so happy 😊
  16. Ya, like something similar to deluxe edition. I know we can buy each item separately, but I wanted like pay at once and every two weeks, receive the packs automatically
  17. @PJTierney Do you know if we can buy the hole season at once or we need to wait until the last item comes out?
  18. @DimJones You even can buy the packs you only want. F.E. only kitcars. Same way it was with S1 and S2.
  19. I think someone was asking for dates of the content. I have it here 😛
  20. @PJTierney I play rally games since Colin mcrae rally 2.0 and since their I followed codemasters until now 🙂 My favourite car on those first games was the Peugeot 206 and now its coming 😄 Please, tell the team a really big thank you, for making this historic car coming back plus giving us more two seasons. Defenitly the biggest and the better game of all years from codemasters Ps: we never know, could be the GOTY 🤞
  21. Only focus? What about the subaru, is it chooseble?
  22. Would love that car and that class, but this background pretty sure is from old DR
  23. Last two pics. The best classics they were doing the rally. Today was the end What you guys thought about the cars?
  24. @JZStudios I'm using the Huawei p30 pro. Some of them I took in burst, other in slow motion (still learning how to use this camera) Last pict of the day and basicly all cars (and groups)
  25. Second part and morning. At night some more 😛 VID_20190802_132739.mp4 SL_MO_VID_20190802_141449.mp4 SL_MO_VID_20190802_134644.mp4
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