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  1. Took some more at the super special. Tomorrow trying again even more 🙂
  2. Hello guys Madeira wine rally 2019 This is just the shakedown, later we have the super special. I'll try to get a lot of pics and post here (can't wait to see the lancia HF :p)
  3. PjTierney Can you have a look or ask the dev team to check a bug in monte carlo? I was hopping someone notice, but here i am to point out 🙂 at Gordolon - courte montee there is a turn for right side that if you do near miss to the small wall, it hits something invisible. The location is before the first hard left turn. If you need more,information, let me know
  4. Try to install the logitech driver again. Could be a "misreading" if that makes sense
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