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  1. You are wrong about more "sim" like.
  2. You just loking from your point and do not see all picture. Its not only black and white around you =) and what percentage of those play RACING games? Face it, racing is a niche genre of gaming and F1 is a niche sport. Why not target to your core demographic ("the 1% of F1 fan gamers") rather than 99% of the casual market of which 1% are likely to even consider paying £50 for a nice genre of a niche sport. all Codies are ensuring in this mess of dodgy percentages and unquantified "facts" and figures is that 100% of their customers are likely to be pissed off because their F1 games do 30% of things 5% right I just commented your opinion about "F1 game can exist only for hardcore players" and trying to say not only sim-wankers wonna feel as real fast driver in f1 car on real track, but you go to "pissed off ppl" :D CM doing a lot shitty decisions, but they give f1 game so many futures as it needed for this niche players category - middle between noobs and pro. I have played f1 2012 and have a lot of fun. There was tunning, tires and so on, but it was not hard to catch and did not take to much time. Enough thing to feel yourself like a driver and thats the point. 30% of thing is too much, i think there is less and enough. And we cant tell about what is right and wrong, coz we looking from 1 point. Things wich made me pissed off? There was network lags that time (f1 2012). And offcours ramming kidz haha. And maybe about cut corners a bit. Thats all. So i do not understand what you complaining about, jumping from one theme to another? Price? Well, who knows how much licenses cost, nah, do not want to consider other people's money . Just for you to know: in my country i need to give away 1/3 of my month salary for this game, for someone its 1/2. Far away in 2012 i wait for steam sale. If you need to give away 1/10 im happy about you.
  3. You just loking from your point and do not see all picture. Its not only black and white around you =)
  4. gor

    F1 2015 Information Thread

    PeteTheDuck, next time when you delete your post check your drafts in profile. Even if this forum lags like hell it still have some nice futures =)
  5. Idk what you talking about. There are  arcades (nfs etc) no need to train  simcades (grid dirt f1 etc) need some skills but no live in game  sims (iracing rfactor etc) need good skills and a lot of time to achieve and improve them Every game has his own auditory, it is how it should be.
  6. gor

    Announcing F1 2015

    What is mid salary per month in GB?
  7. gor

    Grid Game Wishlist and Ideas

    Text chat. Text chat. TEXT CHAT. TEXT CHAT!!! T E X T  C H A T ! ! ! I think you understand about text chat, if not - look few previous strings. Until you understand and do what you must to do. Ty. No flashback online becose its race, its about skill and knowledge. For me its even more painfull, i feel bad when cars flickering and appearing everywhere on my screen.  Need a Spectator mode so ppl cant spectate and take this skill, expirience and knowledge from pro by watching how they play. No upgrades for online, like grid1 with 1.3 patch. Becose its forcing ppl to live in game. Or do not play. You cant go any discipline and win even if you have 10k hours in all grid games. So ill repeat it again - its about skill, not about playing 333 hours and buy parts for win. There are many ppl 20 30 year old, they cant play so much, and when they go online they cant have fun, coz there are ppl with all cars upgraded. But pls, do not make pocket suck by creating "DLC wich gives you money exp and so on", why buying a game and want have what we pay for. Just do not do this system. And when you do ability to set up lobby do not use upgrades or anything else you separate ppl. DO NOT SEPARATE PPL! do not do region restriction, and other things and options wich can separate players. You have not a huge players base, so do not do it even less. Feel free to sell cars but do not do track DLC, its separate player again. Do not make performance tuning online in any way. There will be allways ppl who have more time to find setups for abuse. Do not make simulator from simcade, there are enough realistic simulators. Its should give us feel the car but should not be too hard. I know you will not do this, coz you suck hard :D but ill say anyway -  modding.  Valve sells hats and have more money than you doing so much work with physics and real life racing stuff. Ppl like to customize, think about it, It can be great alternative to upgrade system. Ability to visual tuning instead of performance tuning. Force feedback is flat now. Do something. Play some rfactor and feel how it should be and do better maybe, but for now its not ffb. And last. Be closer to grid 1, it was perfect, it was simple, userfriendly simcade and has big players base. There was text chat and no flashback online. It was like log into game, go to lobby, race and take you place depending on you skill. It was fast and simple. Now we wasting so much time with this shitty setups, repairs and so on. More race, less waste! Peace!
  8. gor

    Announcing F1 2015

    Can you describe in few words and numbers what has been changed in EGO engine? Coz screenshots and this topic says nothing =) Text chat included i hope? Would we have nice forcefeedback , not that flat "something" that was before?
  9. Watch some videos on youtube how ppl driving. You do not even need Grid videos, just look for track. Its ok to watch real races onboard. It helps to understand trajectory, braking, accelerating, its live example how it should be, reference to you driving. Its a shame Grid A has not spectator mode like Grid 1.
  10. So i should buy xbox and game again. Oh wait. And its realy possible to have another servers down in future
  11. • Sequel to Race Driver GRID •Sequel to GRID 2 •Sequel to GRID Autosport •Sequel to TOCA Race Driver 3 •A real simulation •An action-spinoff like DiRT Showdown•Grid 1 servers on.
  12. gor

    racedriver grid remake.

    Used it long ago but i had "lease time" issue(every 2 hour my connection failed not only tunngle) wich can be fixed only on my i-net provider side and they do not want to do anything same with tunngle devs, so its not a solution for me.
  13. gor

    racedriver grid remake.

    All CM should do its just turn on servers and make a patch for grid1 wich change ip servers. But they just tell us "We cant give you use what you payed for, but you can buy new game and use it...before we make another game and turn of this(trollface)." Reason like "we had contract with host blah blah, its outdated blah blah" is not a reason, its a bs. We all know what is reason. But how loud you say or scream this - no one care, so just let it go.
  14. Just want to know more about people tastes. Do not make drama please)
  15. Its better to use brake separate from throttle axis. You lost time when finger goes up and down. I prefere use down axis on left stick with deadzone ~20(coz when you steering you can braking a bit, lose time and even do not know about it =) ). You can try use something begind pad. You really need to read what posts you are commenting on. In my post I explained why I use my current controller setup. You then proceeded to tell me I'm doing it wrong. Wrong for you maybe. But it's right for me. Everyone is different. My post DID NOT ask for advice (which you chose to give) on a controller setup. I do it any other way my fingers hurt.  So the choice is to use my setup or play the game less.  What would you do?  Hmmm.  Wait until you start pushing 60.  lol. I did not blame or said you are wrong. Just said what is better for speed. I do not know about your pain or about freedom area when you move fingers, but i was sure that you can use 1 finger on left hand for steering and braking. As i understand you cannot hold buttons down. So my advice is not forcing you to do hold something. If i am wrong - im sorry. I just allways trying to give advice... Its my problem, im annoying and boring person, lol. Peace.