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  1. I just got the game a short while ago and didn't play much until I found ranked mode in multilayer. Was hoping to participate in the weekly events but the timing is quite unsuitable for me. It's probably only my 2nd or 3rd race in ranked and found it to be quite fun. Finished 3rd in my first race with no setup made at all because I only had setups saved for Singapore and Russia. Was learning how the ranked mode basically works and having lots of fun until the 3rd race ever (me at Level 2 or 4) and this guy tagged me from behind at Abu Dhabi track, on turn 16 and we both spun. If anyone's familiar with turn 16, its impossible to overtake there. Then he proceed to ram me again twice at turn 17 & 18 before somehow forcing my car into turn 18's barrier and I had to retire (for some reason that was not mentioned) when I saw his car overlapping my car model. While I was forced to retire, he gets to continue with a simple front wing replacement. At the end of the race, I noticed that he was only given a penalty of +3 seconds to his race time. How is this fair??? Plus he's level 50 and I'm here furious thinking he knows how the system penalty works and can manipulate it. Shouldn't these kind of people get a race ban??? Kyvat was kicked from the team for ramming into Vettel twice in a Russia and this guy hit me 3 times! To be honest, I used to play Grid 2's multiplayer and experience a very similar issue where people diliberately ram you on track and get away with it. Good to see there's so little done about it so far.