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  1. lucas387

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    You said it , it makes it seem.. but it's not . My Girlfriend , she has no licence, never touch a wheel, affraid of speed, and she's learning on RBR with me. ABOUT THE LEARNING CURVES, it's not the same with 4k graphics, better visibility, faster and easier gameplay, rally school, Intuitive FFB, and ALL ESP, TC, ABS calibration you should have... Mate,  if you got your driving licence one day i bet a million $ you'd be able to run RBR, if you cannot just follow the road in RBR, for god sake never take your car on real road, but I'm surely mistakin..  If you're saying "No don't make it too Sim's like because it's undrivable " ?  -1 :Then it's false, simple. You find it difficult, that is true. We , simracers, bought a sim, that is true as well... - 2  It's your right to prefer Gran turismo or latest PC or AC ! you have thousand games with astonishing graphics, thousand cars with 2015 gameplay, so play it and leave us with our maybe only "one in 10 years " rally game we all expected since 2004.
  2. lucas387

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Devs has to ee that !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKseyeKW4QE Another video to show what can be done, what should be done, what will be do  ... It's seems a bit magic to mee, devs has to see that ! 2011 !
  3. lucas387

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Your economic model could be interesting, but lacking identity. Bad thing for a united community and for time...as time is money... STOP COMPARING FLIGHT SIMULATORS or other non sense... You right about one thing, RBR is not as easy as Gran turismo, or Dirt. It took me an hour on RBR and 10 min on other,  to understand cars,  RWD, AWD, braking. This time scale can change up or down from a people to another...anyway But don't compare it to land a boeing 747. We all drive in real life,  most have done karting once, a bit less went  fast on road, and a few had done real life races. So yes, SIM RACING like RBR must be approach with the brain. What's difficult ? We all have done it with a car no ? And the pleasure is naturally there, driving is something pleasant, so why twist it and make it bizarre, non intuitive, false ?! People racing on RBR are not rally drivers but they could do it. I must say, it gonna be much more easy to approach with triple screen thing and better graphics, because seeing your environment clearly help very much to feel thing. The representation of a long road down a valley at sundown is bad with old graphics, and other things.For standart gamer RBR immersiveness is average, i recognize. But with graphicsl like that, gameplay facility, 'grand public' setting ... you must admit it gonna be immersive and much more easy to take on, (even with 747 physics in  quattro...) So get back to simple life driving pleasure DEVS PLEASE, and put tons of aids we can turn on and off. Make us feel, just not see. That's what im talking about : FEELING ! The only game we can approach like real life is fps or flying with an DK2 stuff & co or simrace driving. Because the wheel is provides to give you sensation, the game to immerge you and then comes the sensations, anf a fabulous game. Driving is not fast driving, driving fast is getting more and more difficult the more we are approaching the limit of the car. Anyone could set a limousine handling on cars with all AIDS on, auto-clutch, auto-countersteering, traction control, ESP. This is simple, take less time than making two identity of a same game, and everybody is happy even those fo paid for game named sim and still expecting arcade like.
  4. lucas387

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5iKfI0QMCw Imagine how it could be with DIRT RALLY graphics and sounds... BEST RALLY GAME EVER