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  1. Thank you for the tip, now I don't have to restart the game every time it happens. Also, I can confirm that this bug still persists on XB1 as of today.
  2. I'm playing on standard XB1, doing the weekly challenge, and the in game sound stops and a crackle is heard from the speakers. I then somehow slug it to the end of the stage, quit to the menus, the sound returns, I start the next stage, having lost tens of positions on the challenge leaderboard due to the incident. And at the second sector of the stage, THE SOUND STOPS AGAIN!!!! If you are featuring completely randomized sound cutting out in your game, at least have the mercy to include a restart stage button, this is just torture. For a 90€ game to have this kind of critical bug still not fixed in 2 months is just unforgivable.
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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    After the last update it has become impossible for me to run the game smoothly. The framerate is very jittery and jerky, and it doesnt matter whether I set graphics up to ultra or down to low. Previously I could avoid the problem by setting the process priority to high and cpu affinity to only the first 2 cpu-s, but that doesnt seem to help much anymore. Im running it on win7 SP1 32bit. NVIDIA Gtx 660 and i5 CPU 2,8 Ghz is enough to run most other games on high at least, but this doesnt even run on low atm.