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  1. Thank you Codemasters! The tire wear and setup issues is a big help!
  2. Sojourner

    Please Fix the Qualifying Tire Wear

    Yep I do the drive out and drive in thing and it helps but we're still at a disadvantage at the beginning of the race. Good to hear @Faya acknowledged it.
  3. Sojourner

    What's wrong with multiplayer?

    People just like quick races. If you can get to an A/S safety rating (didn't take me too long) you will find the racing even in 5 lap races is pretty decent most of the time. But ya no one wants to do 25% races most of the time ive found...
  4. We need this fixed ASAP. It pretty much ruins the racing against the ai in career or other modes where you start on your qualifying tires while doing less than 100% race distance. The tire wear seems to be scaled in qualifying and so you start the race on the 20-25% worn tires (25% race distance) which means you can't get a good start (ai OP on starts anyway), you can't keep any decent pace in the first stint compared to the AI strength you choose, you always have to undercut (which means you are stuck more in traffic), and it sometimes takes you out of doing 1 stop strategies because you can't extend the first stint long enough. Please Codies, find this and remove it so we can have tires with 4-6% wear after qualifying and actually be able to compete at the beginning of the race. I know this has been asked before, but I haven't see any acknowledgement or course of correction timeline. I know for you who do 100% race distance this doesnt matter (or 5 laps) so you don't need to post that it doesn't affect you.
  5. Sojourner

    AI Qualify pace vs Race pace

    As far as I remember I don't think qual tire wear was based on the % distance race you were doing. I think this is a bug or error in 2019. Many have called it out already, but Codies hasn't acknowledged it as far as im aware. If you can get the % right the racing is pretty good for ai honestly. Its just a shame you have to do so much playing around with it. If you throw in career mode car performance progression its about impossible to keep it close, but this isnt just an issue with F1, any sim racing game its difficult. For me it depends on how much time i want to spend on a track. If i run 40 laps i'll be faster than if i run 20 laps (practice) so its even harder to determine ai if you are always trying to practice until you can beat them. Also of course certain tracks im just better at, or the ai is better or worse at.
  6. Sojourner

    Please stop driver transfer in career mode

    I haven't had a transfer yet (haven't done a lot of the career) but does it have to do with the two F2 drivers that join you in F1? For example they follow you to a team of nearly the same level when you start your career. If you move from Alfa to Ferrari, does the game automatically move Weber and Buttlord to Mercedes and RedBull forcing out two real life F1 drivers to move to lower teams?
  7. Sojourner

    AI Qualify pace vs Race pace

    Some of the difference in pace may be if you are running less than 100% race and using flying lap for qual and quitting to the garage you will have insane tire wear on your quali set so you will have no pace in the first stint. I had this happen in the first few races, so you lose on the start (cuz ai starts are crazy fast), you lose in the first stint with tires more worn than theirs, then when you move to stint 2 and beyond its been pretty close for me. Usually I am gaining on the ai some at this point but with 25% distance i usually run out of laps. If you Drive Out and manually drive back in the pits slowly after your qual lap you can save your tires a lot. I can have 8-9% wear instead of over 20% wear by doing flying lap/quit to garage. Its still a bit of a disadvantage to the ai maybe, but its a lot better. This has been a common issue in F1 games for a long time and they don't seem to ever get it dialed in. They must not put a lot into balancing the % difficulty. Of course this year with the tire wear multiplier in qual its makes it worse...
  8. Sojourner

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    Awesome! This is kinda what I figured. Much of the complaining is the overdriving we are all doing. I know when i drive a kart you can easily overdrive it and cause it to bounce/chatter or push and its not faster even though its possible to drive it this way. Finding the balance of limit while not overdriving is key i guess in any vehicle.
  9. Sojourner

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    Hey Mr. Greco, so on the understeer issue, are we just missing it with our setup and/or driving style, or are the cars inherently understeer-y in the game? Or are they modeled after F1 cars, and they just happen to also be understeer-y?
  10. Sojourner

    Why no full OSD in cockpit view

    It definitely would be nice to have a throttle and brake gages so you can ensure you are getting 100% on both.
  11. Sojourner

    A Few Things We Need Codies

    I have an S safety rating. Its actually really nice when you find a lobby cuz you can actually race. Getting there was a little tricky, you literally just have to sit and let everyone crash around you and then go on with your race...
  12. Sojourner

    Honestly, The Physics Are Terrible

    This is exactly how I feel. - The cars feel more responsive this year, but they still feel rather floaty for a super stiff high downforce F1 car. - There is very little oversteer ever, except on throttle. If you get a big differential between front and rear wing you may have a some oversteer in a highspeed corner, but there is no oversteer on entry or mid corner of slower corners. Only on throttle in which case the car acts like it has no differential programming at all (unlike the real cars which basically have traction control with how they do throttle maps and diff settings). - There is no balancing of the tires other than don't overheat them. The only way you overheat them is if you spin or slide. No flatspots or overheating from locking up or anything so its basically just push all the time. - The setups just completely feel like a waste of time to me. You shouldn't be able to take a default 6/6 setup at a track like bahrain and be just as fast as a tuned setup for the downforce levels required. - Everything (except me maybe) drives in T-cam anyway so who cares. No virtual mirror and T-cam makes the game way easier to pick apart the apexs and curbs plus just gives you even more numb of a feel of the car. - I just feel overall the cars are still not responsive, feel like boats, have insane understeer mid corner, no oversteer except on power, and yes the cars seem to either have 100% grip or 0% grip. Its a Codemasters game so i don't know what we really would expect, but anyways it stinks... I still enjoy the game even with these shortcomings!
  13. Hey Codies, hoping we can get a few things patched into the game pretty quickly as its hindering our career experience. - 2019 car performance updates. Racing Point too fast, Mclaren too slow, etc... - Fix qualifying tire wear issues if you do less than 100% race distance. You take time scaled tire wear in qualifying meaning the tires you start the race on are terrible compared to the ai so you are slow in the first stint. This doesn't make sense, i think its a bug. - Balance the AI starts. AI make incredible starts every time. Please take a look at this and maybe balance it down some. - Pull WAY back on the midseason transfers. Please don't let top teams midseason transfer as well. Please make it very rare for a midseason transfer. The championship leader should not be jumping from Merc to Renault... - Your rivals are insanely fast in some cases and i think their performance needs to be balanced some. Online: - Why is there not a cockpit only option? Maybe there aren't enough players, but it should be something you can choose. - If you get an A or S safety rating it can be very difficult to find races with others. Maybe this is a bug? Or maybe not that many have an A/S rating? This needs to be looked at. General: - PLEASE VIRTUAL MIRROR!!!!!!!! Mirrors are in the game, can you not just make one available in the gui?????????
  14. Why are you still posting here? You seem in great need of a reformat or someone to come help you with your hardware...
  15. I have 8gb of ram so i set it to 1024*8*1.5 = 12188 or something. I had accidentally set it to 1912 before. I don't know what the minimum is for it not to crash, but i would try setting it manually like that equation shows for your ram.