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  1. CCCP1945

    Incorrect distance driven being showed

    Is it a joke?
  2. CCCP1945

    Online Racing - Gap to Leader Bug

    So, I can confirm that bug on PC. Fix it, please... It was Autosport Raceway, GP, 17 laps. You can see 1st and 2nd drivers on minimap and i wasn't lapped by them.
  3. CCCP1945

    Steam Patch?

    And what about Playlist changes? ^^
  4. Same for me. 70 lvl BMW 320 TC, 50+ lvl Silvia and C63, 3 cars with 40+ lvl and 2 more cars... I lost them all. Interesting thing. I had some bugged (cannot sell them and hame crashes when race is finished) cars (8 of 23). One day i launched the game and... Bugged cars became NORMAL - I could race and sell them. No patches were on that day, btw. But... 8 of 15 cars received stats reset. Don't know why.
  5. I got 3 Gold and 3 Platinum, but didn't get any bonuses.
  6. Yes, you are not alone.
  7. CCCP1945

    Rank your top 5 disciplines .

    1. Endurance2. Endurance 3. Endurance 4. Endurance 5. Endurance
  8. Of course, San Francisco... But i'm very dissapointed that Long Beach is missing.
  9. CCCP1945

    GRID Autosport confirmed cars/tracks/features

    By the way, you wrote Chicago twice. Change one to Detroit.
  10. Imho, Long Beach is the best city track, I wanna see it in Autosport... But i'm sure that the last track is Milan.
  11. CCCP1945

    GRID Autosport confirmed cars/tracks/features

    You forgot about Long Beach. It was amazing track in GRID, better than others. I hope it will be last location...
  12. CCCP1945

    GRID Autosport confirmed cars/tracks/features

    Track at 1:38 (Endurance Focus Trailer) is Okutama. Here are screenshots from trailer and GRID 2.