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  1. So, I can confirm that bug on PC. Fix it, please... It was Autosport Raceway, GP, 17 laps. You can see 1st and 2nd drivers on minimap and i wasn't lapped by them.
  2. And what about Playlist changes? ^^
  3. Same for me. 70 lvl BMW 320 TC, 50+ lvl Silvia and C63, 3 cars with 40+ lvl and 2 more cars... I lost them all. Interesting thing. I had some bugged (cannot sell them and hame crashes when race is finished) cars (8 of 23). One day i launched the game and... Bugged cars became NORMAL - I could race and sell them. No patches were on that day, btw. But... 8 of 15 cars received stats reset. Don't know why.
  4. I got 3 Gold and 3 Platinum, but didn't get any bonuses.
  5. 1. Endurance2. Endurance 3. Endurance 4. Endurance 5. Endurance
  6. Of course, San Francisco... But i'm very dissapointed that Long Beach is missing.
  7. By the way, you wrote Chicago twice. Change one to Detroit.
  8. Imho, Long Beach is the best city track, I wanna see it in Autosport... But i'm sure that the last track is Milan.
  9. You forgot about Long Beach. It was amazing track in GRID, better than others. I hope it will be last location...
  10. Track at 1:38 (Endurance Focus Trailer) is Okutama. Here are screenshots from trailer and GRID 2.
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