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  1. Ronage6

    Announcing F1 2015

    I found this interesting. "We weren’t trying to rush. Going forward, I’d love to cycle teams in a similar way to Call of Duty. That’s going to enable us to get more into a product. " Seems Paul doesn't mind the idea of having multiple developers of F1 games? I guess he means two different Codies Teams who would always have two years development cycle. 
  2. Ronage6

    Announcing F1 2015

    Of course there will be F1 2015 news this weekend. Hamilton wins Monaco GP.  :D 
  3. Ronage6

    Announcing F1 2015

    Maybe. Nowadays companies just release a day one patch for that sort of thing. You are right. Could be the case as well. Haven't thought about that. Let's hope then that's the case. 
  4. Ronage6

    Announcing F1 2015

    Last week somebody from the team said they still work on wheel support. Game must go Gold 3-4 weeks before release otherwise boxed versions can't be distributed to resellers in time. For me it's clear. The game is delayed.