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  1. Thanks guys. I hope the second answer is the correct one.
  2. Sorry if this has already been asked. I did a search and haven’t found anything. For me it’s important to drive the career mode with all real drivers in the other teams and not with that two chumps from F2. Is this possible when skipping the F2 introduction? If not I probably won’t buy. On another note. It would be great to actually tell the game before starting a career what you have achieved so far as a F1 driver. Meaning I play Career since 2010 so I don’t want to start as rookie every year when I buy the new game. So the game should treat you differently. I know this would mean more coding for interviews and stuff but maybe even not. I never played more than one season so I don’t know how the game works when you are in the 10 season and you are two times world champion. Anyway sorry for off topic. Hope somebody can answer my first question.
  3. Clearly get rid of it. It completely takes away the element of crashing your car and causing a situation of danger for the other cars. First: if I crash I want to see the crash in replay with correctly calculated physics (at least what the engine is able to simulate) second: I want to be crashing a part of my career. If I crash I want this crash to be on my season „highlights“ third: if I crash with other cars and they have terminal damage I don’t want to see them in the final results and they finished the race. So this should be the basic concept about player crashing their cars. I guess the problem is, that the engine isn’t really simulating this aspect correctly. That’s why instant replays are so short and that’s why they fade to black. Because the second you are out of the race the other cars aren’t simulated on track anymore. I guess the whole world in game exists only when you are driving. But a real simulation simulates a world entirely and you are just a part of it. Hope that makes a bit of sense. English isn’t my native language. In short: it has to go because it kills immersion and realism big time but I guess it’s not that easy to do for the dev team because the engine the game is based on doesn’t support this. I guess legacy from Dirt and other Arcady racing games from the past.