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  1. So while you play many players will be able to join your session as spectators. The camera angles will be placed near the road as you were actualy there standing, waiting for the car to pass. Then the camera will change to the next turn. The overal fealling will be as you were there standing as a real spectator. There will be the normal cameras also, (from helis etc)

  2. acmilangr said:
    It depends how much work it would involve. For the record, I wouldn't mind seeing clear sky days in Wales (or even mild snow or fog options), but not if it would detract from.something more important.
    i agree with you, but the time that needed for an improving,new future have to do with all ideas on this forum. 

    so we recomend and CM decides which of them they will do.
    this will be to unrealistic. there will be other maps with rain.

  3. So for the first time a friend can join your game online as a co-driver , helping you drive by  having an extra window on his screen showing 100 meters forward from your position showing the actual road (next turn), helping you juge the line. He will also be able to see the forza motorsport "help line" on the road (you know those green yellow red triangles) telling the driver to break or accelerate . feal free to post more ideas