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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    IMPORTANT1)Make more damage options! damage seems too redundant. like the front bumper trying to stay on etc.... make it more realistic... the hood bouncing around after it comes of the hinges.....I know its a beta but please...do it! 2)give us more replay angles and styles! it gets tiring watching it after a while.... copy WRC not the game like the real rally on TV..example : you don't have a copter cam wherein you just hear the heli's rotors.... that should be standard... and where are the fans.. add more things to distract us...we don't need music.. so i guess have an option to just keep it off...when on replays... or just add our own. 3)when going off track... please let us try to get back on it! WE DO NOT NEED A TIMER! and then just magically being transported back on track... Its a sim after all....example in monte carlo.... when you hit a hairpin and just clip a bit of snow ... you get a penalty like cmon...-.- too weird to arcade like... 4)Please let us control the car and bring it to the start line....... and the same goes after the finish line... let us guide it to a stop or a pit. please please please!!!! im not sure bout this but all your roads are too narrow...and look the same in my opinion... roadways are diverse sometimes very wide... I start a stage and every width of the road feels the same.... make it realistic....