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  1. @Didzis I think, it doesnt matter how tracks are called. Look at G2 tracklist, he is big, but tracks are as one.In D2 is more countries, but too much sand :(|)
  2. @Loore Please, answer there will be again online upgrades? In G2 it was one of the things, that ruined game. It is the upgrades of same kind or other? (Achievement "Install all the upgrades and tuning options on a car in Online")
  3. When i was younger, i loved D2, but then i understand, that D3 is better. Both are very good, but D3 much `mature'
  4. Developers, please, answer, i read achievments  and find that: "Install all the upgrades and tuning options on a car in Online".  There will be upgrades? Again? Doesnt matter how much his differrents from G2, its terrible.(
  5. Grid2 presentation videos were promising, but...
  6. Make a demo. Why you wouldnt make demo again?
  7. Return classic Flashback with F2 F3 to choose need moment. Flashback from G2 is hard to be called "improoved". He is uncomfortable. In my opinion)
  8. G2 not deserved my money, im sorry for wasting. But i love Dirt2,3, Fuel, Grid1, i bought it all twice, and not regret. It doesnt matter, how good will G Autosport. Need discount. Because its fair.
  9. What about car upgrades? they will be in Autosport? Upgrades in multiplayer is one of the biggest mistakes. And imba cars too. Nismo, golf.
  10. Its more expensive then Grid2? I pre-purchased G2 in other country. I think discount would be fair, but even with 50% discount its very very overpised. im dissapoint again, so sad cm.
  11. If that game will be so good as Grid1, i want whom there will not new grid games next two-three years. Sorry for english again, what about discount, tiny or big, codies:) I wonder that everybody want buy Grid again. Its not famous annual game for kids (three letters) Seriously.
  12. Codemasters, please answer, what about making discount for those, who have Grid2? You know, Grid2  is not what we wanted, and now, after year, you make what we want, "real Grid" (I hope) Grid2 is nightmare, sorry, and many people will not buy Motosport, because they have sad lesson (me too). Please understand correctly. Love Dirt games very much. Sorry for bad english, i read rules.
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