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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Disclaimer: I am sure all of these have been mentioned...I'm merely dog-piling to stress stuff I'd hope for. In no particular order: 1) More unique stages per rally.  A rally should be able to consist of 15-18 unique stages (even if we count reverse stages).  Right now the rally gets a little stale at round 10-12. 2) I have difficulty hearing the co-driver even when all other settings are 50% and he is 100%. 3) Gravel against the tub/car could be boosted a good bit.  It's one of the overwhelming sounds from my limited experience in a rally car. 4) Tires, headlamps, wipers etc.  These should be controllable and players should be able to decide on tire compounds (even mixing them front to back as desired...make your decision and cope with it). 5) Offer a stronger damage mode.  I've taken some serious shunts and done no more than 5-10% damage to radiators etc.  Maybe not lock it in as default, but allow a more dangerous setting for damage to the car. 6) In addition to the damage...make your mechanics more worthwhile.  It's a bit silly to fix something 5-10% and take 15 minutes.  I understand you're supposed to train your team, but they're pretty crap at fixing cars. 7) A few more long stages, and a few stages with a little less difficulty.  As it stands now, most of the stages seem really aggressive and difficult, almost like you're trying to cram too much into some of the stages.  Consider some stages with a little less constant hairpins etc. 8) I do think the levels of traction need a lot of work.  I can't even begin to explain all of it, but the car doesn't feel "right" most of the time.  I spent way too much time hauling tail off-road, and it simply doesn't feel right in the game.  I look forward to the updates Kevin is working on with you guys. 9) Work on the leagues tabs on the web-page.  They're very spotty and random, frequently locking up and not creating seasons or events.  I like this idea though.  It's fun and provides a good MP option. 10) A few more slower cars.  I'd like to see more entry level FWD or slower AWD cars.  Something to learn on.  Right now it seems your options are "slow...or fast" with nothing in the middle. 11) The liveries are pretty terrible in the game right now.  Would love to see some work (even by volunteers) in producing better looking, realistic liveries. ...there's more but it's time to pass out for the evening.  I'm loving the game, but I'd say it's only 75-80% of what I wanted in a rally game (read: 10x better than the other Dirt games).  Here's hoping it continues developing into a damn proper and sustainable rally game.  It's started in the right direction!