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    Corner cuts - Algarve

    I don't know where Nascar fits into your comment? 2 tracks (Daytona & Talladega) have double yellow lines that you cannot pass another car below that line or you are black flagged. All other tracks you can go below the white lines but more often than not there is grass or that area is called the apron which is much flatter than the banking. Sometimes there are curbs to the inside of the corners too. There are places you can go under that white line and sometimes make a little time or the flat of the track will help kind of "hook" the inside to help you get aound the corner. So that gives me an idea, over in the Nascar '14 the game puts a 20 second timer on you if you pass another car under those double yellow lines at Daytona & Talladega. I don't know how that would work here but, at least you know where you stand when go off the track. Other than that I say game on and no corner cut penalties.  Unless it is a known place where you can go straight across the grass to get to another part of the track. Then make that all but impossible to get through that area. And if they passed anybody to get there they get a penalty that they have to give back within the 20 seconds. But if you make it slow enough to go through there no advantage will be gained anyway.  Has anybody noticed that if you dipped into the gravels, grass or sand. That it seems to me that your next corner is a lot trickier due to the dirt you picked up on hot tires? Or is it just me? It was reference to the liberal use of the run off areas when they race on circuits. Watkins glen in particular. @RTAnoskills‌ I agree the consistency is definitely lacking.
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    Corner cuts - Algarve

    I agree there should be consistency across the board & there's a lot of weird areas were even two wheels will garner a penalty of you're full throttle. Yet the rules of nearly any road racing formula (nascar I'm looking at you) dictate you that road limits are the white lines. he corner cutting penalty. Martin Brundle has been banging on about it since Seb V could bang it on pole consistently. You and I both know that there's huge time to be gained by keeping 5-10kmph in a corner and using all that astro turf, on the exit. That's why the white line penalty exists and not the corner cutting penalty. To stop the people who take liberties with such areas to help passes or set untouchable laptimes. If you have to take avoiding action just lift and half throttle back on. Works every time. Same if you have to cut to the inside.
  3. Mickdoohan

    Kick Votes

    Have had votes attempted on me by winning races here & there when I've had white markings for the last 5 or so rounds. I've seen many a good clean racer who was too good be kicked or someone who made a mistake in one race get kicked by the mob mentality of certain teams from the motherland. However I couldn't counteract it as there's not a counter vote in place. Simply not voting isn't going to help someone if there's 6 abbreviations voting on someone.
  4. Did you go back to the "My Vehicles" & check in the garage if the level of your car had risen to 13 or higher?
  5. Mickdoohan

    Is there any way to get a good start off the line?

    What I've found working really well is if you keep the revs at the point they drop down too. Every car has a different point that when the race starts their revs drop too. The closer you keep the rev limiter to this number the faster you'll actually start accelerating as your revs aren't dropping from 8000-5000 then going back up again. Then it's all about gradual throttle application Seems to work for me offline & online and you should at least hold position.
  6. Mickdoohan

    Where is Red Bull Ring online?

    So patch 1 is with Microsoft and Sony and patch 2 is on it's way and in the pipeline @Loore‌ ?
  7. I do like that autosport ring though :D Totally agree, forza & grand turismo have this road car thing down, ea have the mod thing down with need for speed and burnout etc. There needs to be a game that focus's on the real world championships but the way grid goes about it. Use the cars, from real world but made up teams if the licensing is too much.
  8. Would love to know how's these are calculated. Too often then not I'm taking my racing line and someone believes that they're going to fit down the inside. Then what do you know. I'm flying off the into the outside gravel or wall and ending the race with a green instead of white or yellow instead of green.
  9. Mickdoohan

    Assists On or Off?

    Racing line only on online. Helps with picking up braking points at the start and also just knowing that I've committed to a more conventional line and am in the right when someone tried to fit between me and te wall
  10. I thought they'd maybe do something with the British GP. I do want to preface my previous comment by saying I'd prefer those games over a DLC. Wouldn't say no to some btcc/v8 themed DLC in the interim though to tie me over until then.
  11. If it added more cars to the Cat C category and a couple of new tracks I'd be happy with theMGVauxhaulAudiMercedesTracksCroftThruxtonOulton ParkSilverstoneObviously you can use those tracks for other disciplines, but I'd be happy to have those added. Also would like a new F1 game announced, then Dirt & then a touring car focus Grid Game 
  12. Mickdoohan

    What A.I. difficulty are you using?

    Using hard, have raced open wheelers exclusively and really liking the challenge. If I don't qualify well it's a struggle to keep up with the podium placers. And if I do stick it on Pole I don't pull away easily. Yet to try the endurance or touring car. But looks like when my internets capped I'll still have a good challenge.
  13. Mickdoohan


    Never go for out and out revenge. Just when you go to over take them again in the next race drive straighter as they try to turn in and tail whip them. Works nearly everytime. The people who do wreck on straights are the worse. There's a massive difference between "rubbing is racing" and quarter panelling you into a concrete wall on the main straight @ Indy.
  14. Mickdoohan

    What are the sponsors that come with the black edition?

    Yeah would love to know the specific patterns for liveries. Also @Loore‌ my code still isn't working and has now disappeared off my recent downloads and I can't reuse the code anymore. I'm on Xbox 360 just so there's no confusion.
  15. Mickdoohan

    Random Grid Order

    It should've been random grids. I won't leave lobby's if I'm to start last as I just want to race. .
  16. Mickdoohan


    This game ishouldve been grid 2. The touring gameplay is a great blend and feels right on the Xbox controller. Also already the standard of online has risen, in repeated passing and corner to corner moves and respectful defending. After 5+ hrs I'm already enjoying this far more then grid 2
  17. Mickdoohan

    How important do you think Setup's will be?

    It looks like they're very similar to the ones in the Codie's Dirt Series. So I think they'll be minimal adjustments that you can feel and make make you more comfy but I'm not sure how that'll affect handling. Maybe @Britpoint‌ could get the car handling guys to write up a quick post and or blog for us. ?
  18. Didn't really enjoy of any of the city tracks from G2 apart from Barcelona. So looking forward to that without the street splits. Actually looking forward to the returning g2 tracks without the bollard fences and split routes. @Loore‌ would it be possible to get the tracks broken up into their individual routes highlighted? I think you guys did something similar in grid 2.
  19. Will beopen wheeler endurance touring cars Then in-between online sessions we'll fill out street and tuner
  20. Mickdoohan

    2014 Circuit Alterations

    The bollards and Kerbing varieties should be as to real life as possible. This greatly affects the lines we can and can't take. I for one can never remember being bumped as much as the cars were over the weekend in the swimming pool chicane. Whilst nearly or even occasionally taking out the bollard.
  21. Mickdoohan

    Autosport Corner Cutting

    Kerbs are always behind the white line. yeah that's how I view it too That's also how I view it. If that's how they've implemented it, then 1. That's great 2. There's going to be a lot of complainers who say they've been just on the kerb. And probably why there were so many complaints due to lack of knowledge on actual track limits and also not knowing the benefits of, how running off can be seen as an advantage and why they tried to penalize it.
  22. Mickdoohan

    Autosport Corner Cutting

    In the v8's they use tyre bundles inside corners, a great preventative for corner cutting in the non open wheel categories. I know @Loore‌ has already mentioned there's going to be some tyre bundles. Most probably on chicanes? Also I just want some clarification on how the game determines track limits? Is the kerb classified as infront of or behind the white line?
  23. Mickdoohan

    Q&A Thread - Part 2

    @Loore‌ What will the next few blog and video updates be focusing on? Endurance? Open Wheeler? Career? Particular tracks?
  24. Mickdoohan

    Could there be oval tracks?

    With slip streaming and (what I hope) more realistic handling of the indycar I think racing at Indy or if there is another oval, will be a lot more fun as you'll be able to tow, slingshot and change your lines. I do like turning right though.
  25. Mickdoohan

    Could there be oval tracks?

    Yeah I agree I doubt we will see too many ovals if we see any because Indycars aer in there then Indianapolis could well be as I would maybe think COTA could be as well but we do know we do have the San Fransisco track from Grid 1 back as well Either or both is possible but of the 2 I suspect Fuji would be the more likely to get the nod given it has been in CM games before as I think it was in the previous Race driver games Amazed they haven't raced the indycar at COTA yet. Must be a hosting or scheduling issue as with the closeness of the field I think you'd get some epic moves and racing. I digress, apart from Indy I can't really see another oval actually being included. are there any we maybe missed?? Rockingham???