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  1. ROBO1977

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I fully agree 1/ REPLAY. Its horrible, if  I have just driven a stage I do not want or need to see it again from the inside of the car or the arches, wheels, behind etc. This is silly gimmicky stuff that has to go, this is supposed to be a Rally Simulation, not a kiddie arcade game. All we want is track-side TV shots of the whole stage blended with some heli shots. A good replay is very important so you can watch and analyse your driving to see where you are going wrong and learn from the mistakes in replay to improve your stage times, I have posted some good RBR replay video in other threads on this topic.
  2. ROBO1977

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    http://www.imagehosting.cz/?v=sebastieno.jpg http://www.imgup.cz/image/7wJ http://www.imgup.cz/image/7DU http://www.imgup.cz/image/7DJ