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  1. OneZeroOne cheated in the first Dirt Rally as well. He even had (temporary) videos on Youtube showing how he had immense amounts of grip. He took them down when people called him out on it, and got himself banned in the process. Good times.
  2. Thank you for everything you've done.
  3. Yes, this was V1 handling. The cars had a little too much grip but the movement was extremely good.
  4. No, it's not moot because it looked 95,000% better in DR1 before they ruined it. And who mentioned RBR?
  5. It still doesn't look or feel even remotely realistic, so please stop praising it. You don't even need to look at a replay for 5 seconds before seeing that something is seriously wrong.
  6. I've amused myself with the Ascona, Sierra, Fabia R5, Stratos, and the Delta S4 this weekend. I spanked one of my old PB's in NZ by a whooping 47 seconds!
  7. Monte is so much better than it was in DR.
  8. That would be because it's using the Mini Countryman sound from DR1, presumably also as a placeholder.
  9. Skoda most definitely does not sound close to the real thing. Probably because it's using the sound of the 2007 Ford Focus WRC as a placeholder. 😉
  10. Not just me. I can think of quite a few drivers that had their times quarantined for a daily stage that I had to email Darren about. He always reinstated them for us. I miss that man.
  11. @RodgerDavies I noticed a DR2 discord in your signature, but I am unable to join it. Says the invite expired. Give me a fresh one pretty please.
  12. That's not the Corsica I remember from the WRC calendar. The rally of a thousand corners. Extremely narrow, bad roads. Endless blind corners. Have they changed location?
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